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Find My Device easily allows you to remotely track, lock, and erase the info on a lost or stolen
phone. you’ll also see the battery life remaining on your phone and therefore the Wi-Fi network it’s
connected to. There are other ways to trace a lost Android phone, but Find My Device is that the
easiest option, and it’s enabled on all phones out of the box find my phone

Find My Device may be a part of Google Play Protect, a set of services designed to guard your phone
from malicious content. Google is leveraging its machine learning expertise to scan and verify the
apps installed on your phone, and while the Verify Apps feature has existed for several years now,
Google is making the method far more visible to users boost mobile phone insurance.

In the current world of technology, does one ever wonder that if you lose your phone, how are you
able to track it? it’s one among the foremost frightening experiences, indeed, because aside from
the very fact that you simply lose an upscale device, you furthermore may have your personal data,
images, and maybe your financial details stored in there imei tracker. Your smartphone is essentially a treasure
trove for not only thieves but also for hackers and cybercriminals. Fortunately, there are a couple of
ways to recover smartphones. However, prevention is best than cure which essentially means you
would like to possess a system in situ to assist you in such situations. Having said that, there might
still be ways to recover your device, albeit preventative measures weren’t taken. Here may be a list
of the way to seek out or track your phone, using apps or otherwise  find my phone

How to find and Android smartphone: have you ever lost you Android phone? Here are two ways to trace it down. If your smartphone remains switched on and there’s a sign , you’ll be ready to track it from you PC using “Device Manager”. If your device seems to be transitioned or out of coverage area, you’ll be ready to check the smartphone’s last reported location from a PC. so as to use
“Device Manager”, you’ll need to sign into the Google account (which you used on your phone) from a PC or another phone. this could prompt Google’s Device Manager to point out you your device’s location on a google find my phone. within the Device Manager, there are more options which you’ll make use of, including locking your phone, making the phone ring, or remotely wipe its contents and data clear. you’ll check the phone’s last recorded location by visiting the webpage

“ history”. Once there, you’ll need to click on “Places You Go,” and
“Manage History.” It should be noted that these services are hooked into Wi-Fi and mobile signals
rather than GPS, hence it’ll not be as correct because the Device Manager while locating your phone
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