How does the IMEI number help in tracking the iPhone?

Losing your iPhone is one of all the nightmares in one’s life. And also, the efforts you set to trace your phone are tiresome. However, you’ll be able to track your iPhone through your 15-digit unique number, the IMEI number for iPhone that is inbuilt.The phone tracking project has been in development for a while, and it had been shaped with the only intention of reducing felonies and the counterfeit mobile phone business. India’s government has allotted Rs 15 crore to the current project with hopes of a solid outcome.The IMEI number, which is embedded on your phone, is one of the crucial identities of the device. The number is what helps you in locating the misplaced or stolen phone. Since there is a unique IMEI number, find the phone and recover it.


The police can utilise the IMEI number location to find your lost phone. For instance, if you have misplaced your phone and someone else has entered their sim card, the police can track the phone using the IMEI number as soon as a phone call is made. They will trace it to the closest cell phone tower, serving to retrieve the phone.

How do I track my stolen iPhone? 

  • To find your device, you can sign on to You can also use the Find my app on another Apple device. In case your phone doesn’t come up in the list of devices, the Find My was not turned on.
  • You can also use a third-party IMEI tracking app, as suggested, Track IMEI, to track your lost iPhone with the IMEI number. (imei tracker)
  • The first-rate method to observe your misplaced iPhone is using the ‘Discover iPhone’ utility pre-bought on your iPhone. The utility is on the market for Apple devices with iOS five or more. Any customers of Apple devices may have an (IMEI tracker India) exciting Apple ID wherein they’re perceived interior any in their Apple devices. You occasionally have an iPhone and an iPad; all matters considered, you’re using a comparable Apple ID. (google imei tracker)
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