IMEI why it is important

The importance of IMEI

How to make your mobile phone secure?

God forbid that you ever lose (how to track a phone) prize possession – your mobile phone! However, when such mishap happens the following simple steps can really help!

#1. Keep it up-to- date:

Inculcate the habit of regularly updating your mobile phone with latest software versions and patches for which you receive notifications on your mobile phone. Besides the new features, your mobile phone will also receive new security fixes! (track imei number)

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#2. Download from reliable sources:

Always download the updates from the reliable and official app stores that have valid security certificate. Unknown third party sources are a ‘BIG No!’ here. (imei checker)

#3. Create a ‘Back up’

Taking the backup of the data stored in your (how to track a phone) mobile phone on regular intervals is a healthy practice recommended. Ensure that this activity is practiced at least twice a month!

#4. Use WI-Fi wisely

Always access the internet from your private Wi-Fi connection or privately through your telecom operator. Please abstain from using your phone to make any financial transactions when accessed through public places like Bus/Railway stations, Cinemas, Malls, airports, and similar other places. Such places are much vulnerable and the mobile phones fall easy victims to malicious attacks at these places.

#5. Install a genuine and reliable anti-virus software

Why think twice for a paid anti-virus software for your costly prize possession? A paid such software is a guarantee of reliability and genuineness!

#6. Click later, Think first

Look for the security feature in the URL of the unknown or new links that receive through your friends and the family. Look for the URL starting with https instead of http if you are not sure of the authenticity of the URL you are about to visit.

#7.Act smart and wise (how to track a phone)

Often we realize our follies when things have gone wrong. We do not care for noting the IMEI number when appropriate. It is only when we lose the mobile phone that we rue for not storing the IMEI number safely. So act smart and wise and make note of your phone’s IMEI number. You can also register at and store your information there. This website maintains the data of all Hi-Fi electronic gadgets including laptops, i-pads, tablet phones etc.

#8. Make sure to insure and be sure

Getting your mobile phone and other costly e-gadgets is a wise step that we often tend to skip. Paying a negligible amount f insurance premium can come very handy at the time of loss! It also benefits for the telecom operator’s co-operation due to the pressure from law enforcement and the insurance companies. What more, the insurance cost is barely 10% to 15% of the cost of your expensive and loved e-gadget/mobile phone!