What to do when phone is lost

What to do when phone is lost or stolen?

The news of loss of one of our prized possessions can be a very sad experience and causing shock and loss of emotions as well. Given below are the (how to track lost phone) few simple steps that can prevent your stolen/lost
mobile phone or e-gadget from being misused or resold.

You can easily track the current location of your gadget through the tracking application if you have had activated its in-built device tracking facility earlier. (online imei tracker)

Don’t be sad if this was not done earlier. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below.

  • 1# Call your Telecom service provider and report the loss to block your SIM card immediately and place a request for the new SIM card to (how to track lost phone) be provided to you. Please do not forget to note down their set of instructions given to you.
  • 2# Retrieve the 15-digits IMEI details from your mobile box or the purchase bill.
  • 3# Lodge a police complaint with your nearest police station. Ensure to provide the IMEI details or else your complaint won’t get registered. (imei tracker)
  • 4# Keep the relevant documents of the complaint in your safe custody and keep a regular follow up.

Report theft

how to track lost phone

Report Theft