How to track a mobile/ dead iPhone?

Out of all the things, losing your wallet and your phone are the two most awful scenarios. The iPhone device keeps an account of all the necessary details of their owners, which starts from credentials of any account to important notes.  If one misplaces the iPhone, people begin panicking and looking for ways to track a mobile. (how to track a mobile)

If you have already established find My on your device before it gets misplaced, you can follow these steps on how to track the dead iPhone

  • If you have any other Apple device, you can launch the find My app on it.
  • Pick out the Devices tab and then click on all devices
  • And click on your specific iPhone
  • You will get many options there. But, you can’t use the “Play a Sound” feature since the phone is off.
  • In the meantime, you will see the device’s location on a map
  • Now you can get hold of your phone in the situation even if it is not connected to a wi-fi or mobile network (track imei number)

That is one of the ways to find your dead iPhone, and you can utilize the “Notify when Found” option to urge an email or SMS notification if your phone gets activated. Locating the lost phones with an IMEI number is entirely different from using the Find My Device feature. In this process, you are not working independently, and you can get assisted by someone or any company. You can take the valid 15-digit IMEI number to the police or the nearest network supplier for assistance.

IMEI Tracker, the online phone number tracker, provides a correct check on the status of the phone and also to check the phone on google maps and check whether or not it is lost or misplaced; it generates a full report on the phone the instant tracking is performed. Phone operators can track the mobile if your SIM card is being used. That is how the phone tracking websites operate.