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Samsung is the top smartphone And it manufactures budget range to ultra expensive range smartphones.

If you have ever lost your Samsung phone or someone has stolen your mobile also you might want to track your smartphone using IMEI number.

So in this post, we’ve banded about how to track Samsung phones using IMEI numbers. There are numerous ways to track a smartphone but we’ve to do many settings before the smartphone has been lost or stolen.

But the utmost of us do n’t do those settings and have remorse after losing the smartphone. If you haven’t enabled Find My Mobile point in your mobile, you can track it using the IMEI number.

Who can track phone using IMEI number

We’ve formerly told you that setting Find My Mobile in Samsung mobile can help you to track your phone in favorable conditions.

But you can always track your smartphone using IMEI. But everyone isn’t authorized to track phones using IMEI numbers.

There are many agencies who are authorized to track any mobile using IMEI number. Like the original police, CERT, cyber cell department of secret agencies and many more further govt. agencies. (verizon imei check)

How to track Samsung phone using IMEI

There’s no genuine website available on the internet which can track any smartphone using IMEI number. You can find numerous websites on the internet which claim to track any smartphone using IMEI number.

And also there’s no genuine app on the internet which has the capability of IMEI number shadowing.

All those websites and apps are frauds and to make plutocrats only so you should always be apprehensive of those types of websites and apps.

Telecom companies can track any phone using IMEI number so police inform all telecom companies to put the IMEI number on the surveillance.

But nowadays more advanced swerving features are coming to the police department which trace the exact position of the theft.

So you must always make a complaint to the nearest police station. And it’s veritably hard to trace any lost mobile because police have so important work cargo and they do n’t put any smartphone on surveillance until the case is critical. (imei check verizon)

How Police track any phone

The Cyber cell of the Police department has special rights to track any phone within the country. If you want to find back your lost or stolen phone also you have to go to the nearest police station and ask them to file a FIR for the loss of your smartphone. (online imei tracker)

You need to produce the IMEI number of your phone to the police station. You can produce the purchase slip or order tab of your smartphone as valid evidence.

In most cases, police departments do n’t raise FIR in India for mobile theft or lost cases. You need to put further trouble to bespeak a FIR in the police station.

When the police department raises a complaint against your lost mobile phone also you have to stay for the police to trace the phone. (imei tracker)

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  1. After losing my phone,I report the matter to our local police post it’s almost 3weeks without any follow up from police,how best can I deal with such seems no one cares anymore especially from the police side

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