How to secure your Mobile

How to make secure your lost/stolen gadget?

First things first! If your expensive and lovely (Mobile imei number tracking) gadgets has been lost/stolen, simply follow the following steps to make it secure from any possible threats of misuse.

#1. Keep it up-to- date: (Mobile imei number tracking)

Develop the regular and healthy practice updating your mobile phone with latest software versions and patches for which you receive notifications on your mobile phone. Besides the new features, your mobile phone will also receive new security fixes! (imei tracker)

Report Theft

Install valid anti-virus, anti-malware software (Mobile imei number tracking) applications available at authorized and official apps stores to prevent your gadget from any suspicious cyber-attacks.

Keep your gadget(s) on ‘auto-lock’ or ‘auto-timeout’ mode

Any gadget in ‘auto-lock’ or ‘auto-timeout’ mode and that can be opened by a password is a big discouragement for the thieves! This secures your data privacy as the thief will have no option but simply format your gadget. (imei number tracker)

Avoid public networks for making financial transactions

The public networks available at cinemas, shopping plazas, bus/railway stations are most vulnerable to hacks and attacks.

#2. First THINK, then CLICK!

Ensure that any web page that you are about to access has a valid security certificate attached to it. You can activate the notification option on your gadget(s) which pops up before the intended web page gets loaded on the screen of your mobile phone/tablet/laptop. (google imei tracker online)

#3. Keep your IMEI details safe & handy (Mobile imei number tracking)

Dial *#06# to retrieve your mobile phone IMEI details. Similarly for your other e-gadgets follow the directions mentioned in the information booklet to retrieve their IMEI details and note them. Keep these information in your handy safe custody.

#4. Ensure to INSURE and be secure & sure!

It doesn’t cost a fortune to get your expensive and loved e-gadgets insured.These days insurance companies offer attractive options for insuring your expensive e-gadgets not only against the theft or loss but also against accidental breakage incidents like screen break, trenched in water etc. So, just skip eating
out once r twice and get your e-gadget insured! (google imei tracker)