How to Find my Lost Phone with Google Account

How to Find my Lost Phone with Google Account

How to find my lost phone with google account? This component has been long in the Google benefits however very few know about it. It was once known as Google (google imei tracker) Location History however have been patched up to now known as ‘Your Timeline’. ‘Your Timeline’ was structured by Google to assist you with following back the spots and courses you have voyage. It is set at private and thusly no one but you can see your course of events.

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The intriguing thing with this administration is that it doesn’t depend on GPS yet to the web association wherein your gadgets are associated. In (google imei tracker) this manner, this gadget that it can assist with the following can be your PC, tablet and furthermore your advanced mobile phone.

In any case, the pre-essential for you to begin utilizing this administration is that you should:-

  1. Have your gadget sign in to your Google account.
  2. Area Reporting must be initiated in your gadget
  3. Your gadget is associated with the web.

Here are the basic advances required in the event that you lost your telephone and need to utilize this element to follow your telephone.

Stage 1

  1. Visit ‘Your timetable’ page here
  2. Google ‘Your Timeline’
  3. Sign into your Google account.

Stage 2

When you sign in to your Google account, it will show whether you have an associated gadgets or not.Choose the time and date in the left bar. The timetable will at that point show your gadgets past area and the time it was associated with the web.