How to check IMEI on iPhone?

Check IMEI on iPhone handset is no more a troublesome job. Track Imei is a platform that might assist you in checking Imei on your iPhone in a very nominal time.Mobile phones, like iPhones, are allotted with special codes known as IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) that are usually used for identification purposes. The IMEI number enables your device to be recognised by numerous applications and mobile service providers.

You can check your IMEI number in Iphone through three easy steps:

  1. You can find it through your settings:
  • Move to Settings, then General, and then about.
  • Scroll right down to find the IMEI entry in the list.
  • You’ll also touch and hold the number to copy it to the clipboard, then paste it somewhere else, such as in Notes or a text.
  1. Dial *#06# to induce IMEI

Before trying out anything else, you can find your IMEI number by dialing *#06# on your iPhone, which could help you retrieve your IMEI number. It provides an instant so that the IMEI number can appear on the screen. This little range dial trick would allow you to get your IMEI number on different cell phones, and you can check your iPhone IMEI number.

  1. Physically trying to find the IMEI of Your iPhone

You can also try to inspect the back side of your iPhone. You can flip over your device, and there is an alphanumeric combination at the back of the label “iPhone”. One among these sets is labeled “IMEI”, which is the distinctive numerical identity of your device. (imei tracker)

You can also give a check at your mobile box if you still own it, and you can search the sides and get hold of this barcode. With the help of the barcode, you can get two sets of numerical combinations, one of which is the serial number and the opposite to it is the time. (track imei number)

check imei on iphone