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We’ve all had a tool go missing at some point and it can certainly be a touch nerve-wracking. Fortunately, Android has quite few ways to tackle this problem as long as you’ve got another device available . Let’s take a glance at some common situations and the way to seek out your Android phone using another device (imei number tracker).

Finding your Android phone with a PC

One of the foremost likely scenarios is you’ve lost your Android phone, but have access to a computer. Now, you’ll attend, but which will be tough to recollect .

The easier option is simply typing “Find my phone” into a Google search. As long as you’re signed into your Google account this may pull up a map with all of the devices linked thereto account. If the map isn’t enough you’ll click “Ring” to form the device ring at full volume for 5-minutes no matter its settings.

If you continue to can’t find it, click the “Recover” button for more options. you’ll lock your device with a message and a green button which will call a preset number. Alternatively, you’ll sign out of your phone or if it’s completely lost you’ll prefer to erase it (find phone).

Finding your Android phone with Google Assistant

If you’ve got a sensible home device with Google Assistant (Google Home, Home Mini, Nest Hub, Lenovo Smart Display, etc.) you’ll track your phone down together with your voice. Just say, “Hey Google, find my phone” and Google Assistant will assist you out. Assistant will offer to ring your phone (if you’ve got multiple devices it’ll name them until you get to the one you want) and once you say yes it’ll make the device ring at full volume for five minutes no matter its settings.

Finding your Android phone with another Android device

You can also use another Android device to seek out your missing Android phone. If you don’t have the Google Find My Device app from the Play Store, you’ll got to download that first. once you open the app you’ll got to sign into an equivalent account that your missing device is signed into. Now you’ll see a map and every one of your devices pictured across the highest of the map.

Primary screen for Google Find My Device app with map and every one options Google-Find-My-Device-Play-Sound-Screen

Tap on the device that you simply are trying to find and its current location will crop up on the map. Below the map are the choices to “Play Sound,” “Secure Device,” or “Erase Device.” the primary will make the phone ring at full volume for five minutes no matter its settings. The second will lock the device with a customizable message and telephone number that the device can call. The third erases your phone completely if you opt it’s truly lost (find my phone).

Finding your Android phone with a Wear OS smartwatch

If you’re a Wear OS user, the solution to your problem is true on your wrist. Just pull up the list of apps on your Wear OS watch and tap on “Find my phone.” The phone that’s paired to your Wear OS smartwatch will start ringing at full volume no matter its current settings.

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