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Do you want to learn everything about IMEI trackers? If yes, you are on the right page, as you can get all the details here. Mobile phone theft is quite common in almost all cities and towns. In such a case, a code is given, known as the IMEI number for samsung, which comes in handy when finding the devices. The number will work as a unique fingerprint for the device. It can also prove completely helpful whenever you are buying a secondhand phone. You can use IMEI finder to learn the details about the phone.

What is the purpose of having an IMEI number?

The IMEI numbers have only one purpose, which is to help you understand or identify your mobile device. The secondary purpose is also to prevent theft as much as possible. A thief cannot change the SIM card on the mobile phone and expect even to get going with it if the mobile device is identified universally.

IMEI numbers are hard coded on the device itself instead of the card, providing a good layer of identification that is not tied to something interchangeable. The number can be blocked when the carrier understands the device has been stolen, and it can lock it out of the network instantly. You can easily find my device with IMEI, provided you use it at the right time.

Every country has its policy for how the number works, using a block list or the allow list:

Can the government use your IMEI number to track you?

Yes, the government has an online IMEI tracker that can track you. But it all depends on whether they cannot attach any name or personal identification to the IMEI number. They would need to find out who the phone belongs to first. It is only the case with prepaid customers. As they do not sign contracts with wireless carriers, there is indeed no way to attach the face ID or card to the IMEI number. The process is entirely tedious.

Do all mobile devices feature IMEI numbers?

As counterfeit phones are not made with any regulatory compliance in mind, they lack IMEI tracker. Some devices might not have IMEI numbers, but they are illegal universally. It is impossible to contact some of the carriers if you do not have IMEI numbers, so it is not worth using mobile phones that do not have IMEI numbers.

One of the best methods of checking the IMEI number on your phone is to open the keypad and type its hashtag 06. The IMEI number must pop up on the screen in no time. You would not be able to copy or paste the number, so you need to write it down on a different page.

At the same time, if you feel that this method needs to be fixed, you can visit the settings of your phone and check the status of IMEI information. If unfortunately, you are not able to find your IMEI number with any of the methods, then you need to find it only on the SIM card tray or the phone. (iphone serial number lookup)

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[…] It is impossible to contact some of the carriers if you do not have IMEI numbers, so it is not worth using mobile phones that do not have IMEI numbers.  […]