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Every day we can’t function properly without our phones. It doesn’t only helps us to remain connected with people and the world. It’s also the carrier of our important data and documents which we can’t carry always manually. But what if your phone gets lost, misplaced, or stolen? No worries instead of panicking you can track it online. Now a question, how can I track my phone for free online?

Well, we got you covered. The only thing you need to know which can help you find your lost phone is the IMEI number of your phone. 

So, now let’s answer the rest of your questions.

What is IMEI?

IMEI is a 15-digit unique code that represents a phone. 

International Mobile Equipment Identity is a set of numbers that signifies a particular device irrespective of the owner. It’s used to stop from phones getting stolen or to track their location history.

Tracking this number can give information like the current location of the phone, its location history, and the status of whether this device is stolen or lost. 

You can see IMEI is similar to the Aadhar number which we Indian citizens have. It’s always advised to keep your device IMEI number with you. As it helps track a phone number location free online of the lost device.

Where you can find the IMEI number?

  • It’s present in your phone box or even in the payment receipt.
  • It’s present on the backside of the battery of your device.
  • You can even find the number by dialling a code “ *#06# ” on your dialling pad, which will further display the IMEI number.
  • Additionally, you can even find the number in the setting section of your phone.

For Android-

Select Settings, then About in there you will find the IMEI number.

For IOS/iPhone-

Select Setting, then general, and finally About where you will find the IMEI number.

How to use IMEI to track a phone online?

There are two ways to do this.

  1. Mobile Tracking Apps
  2. Online tracking platform

The mobile tracking apps requires a set of setting and information and is time taking process. Whereas the online tracking platforms are accessible and easy to use. As a bonus this service is free. 

You just need to simply search “IMEI tracker online free” you need to choose any trusted results. The site will ask you to input the IMEI number and sometimes the country under which the device is registered.

Then you will get access to all your required information a simple way to imei tracker online location free online.

IMEI number plays a crucial role in many ways.

  • Through this, you can know the location of the person with whom you are unable to contact.
  • The parents can have an eye on their children’s location.
  • It helps in many investigation processes.
  • It can even help you to google imei tracker online easily without panicking.
  • It assures your phone safety.
  • You can make your phone unable to use by blocking the IMEI number when it’s lost, protecting your data.


So, keeping the IMEI number safely with us doesn’t assure only our phone safety. But also keep us away from unnecessary panicking situations.

The process to google imei tracker has its own set of benefits. Helping us to look out for our people in an emergency case and locate our phones. Even finding the IMEI number of a device was pretty simple and easy to find.

Learning “How to track my phone for free online” makes you and me a smart citizen. 

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