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International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI, in short, is a system to identify mobile phones and this protective method is also responsible for distinguishing mobile phones from other devices. Every phone has a particular digital code that holds a minimum of 14 characters.


Some of the basic measures are

  • Block the phone
  • Cut the phone’s signal transmission
  • Locating its proper location through geo-tracking

It won’t be wrong to say that you can find your stolen or lost phone using the IMEI tracker and moreover, there is no need to ask your phone operator for help, as you can do it through various online platforms that provide IMEI tracking without charging you a single penny.

You can Track IMEI Number India simply by:

  • Generating the IMEI of the mobile phone
  • Running IMEI tracking using a specialized and reliable platform and find the proper location of your device

IMEI is convenient

  • IMEI offers effective and quality tracking
  • IMEI tracker means saving of time
  • Helps to avoid technical complications while locating your device

Online IMEI tracking

Tracking any device through IMEI number can be considered as an alternative, saving your life in subtle conditions. In order to Track IMEI Number India, you need an Internet connection for accessing the online IMEI tracking platform from anywhere and just by entering the IMEI number of your device you can identify its current location within few minutes.

How does IMEI work?

Every mobile phone is associated with a unique IMEI code and it can’t be changed unless you have access to generic manufacturing codes. For creating an uninterrupted link between the satellite and the mobile device, the phone operators combine signal transmitters with this asset.

The device is now able to send data to the phone operators using the signal center, linked with both the servers of the operator and the satellites that orbit the earth, exchanging necessary data so the satellite can perform triangulation and trilateration operations for locating the device on the global map.

How to track?

For getting your IMEI code dial *#06#, you can also ask your phone operator to provide the IMEI digits, but due to their administrative protocols, the process takes a lengthy time. Once you get the IMEI code you can easily track the device and you can now comprehend the true importance of the technology.

Once you get the IMEI, go to the tracking panel and provide all the necessary information, enter your IMEI number and specify your country or location.

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