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Did you lose your cellphone or does it get misplaced? Don’t worry you can track it down by using the IMEI tracker online free of cost.

Losing your phone can be a crucial matter. All your personal information, photos, bank detail, and important documents can get to anyone’s holds. Once it’s lost you can’t get hold of it unless you posse the IMEI no. of your phone. This unique number can play a very crucial part in tracking your lost phone position and getting it back. 

This is also quite a great way to know the location of your closed one when you are unable to contact them. Parents get quite worried about their children’s safety, they can use this to get updated about their location.

It’s quite an easy process to track your phone, you know what to do next.

So let’s talk about everything step by step.

What is an IMEI number?

IMEI number stands for Identity mobile equipment identity a unique code of every cell phone. It’s a 15-digit number authorized by GSMA. You can treat this similar to the Aadhar number which every person has in our country like India. No two phones have a similar Imei number tracker, every phone has its unique IMEI number. 

Well, there are other ways through which you can also track your phone like GPS, and Bluetooth locator but these have a specific radius. You can’t track your lost phone if it crosses this specific boundary. 

But IMEI tracker online free all phone locations using the IMEI number.

Different types of IMEI trackers.

There are two different ways you can use any of them. 

  1. Online platform for tracking like websites.
  2. Mobile tracking apps which you can install on your phones.

Online tracking platforms

You can use them by simply searching “IMEI tracker online” on Google. Various sites will get appear to select the reliable one. 

They will ask you to put the IMEI number of the phone you are searching for. Some sites even ask about the country in which the phone is registered.

After searching they will give you the required information like their current location and whether and even whether it’s stolen or lost.  It’s completely reliable and accessible. This method is one of the best cell phone trackers online.

Doing this won’t cost you any money, this service is completely free.

Where you can find the IMEI number.

    • You can find these on your mobile box.
    • It’s present behind your phone battery
    • Even if you can get this through dialing *#06# in your dial pad which will present the code on your phone screen.

Benefits of using IMEI online.

  1. It’s simple to use and easily accessible.
  2. For sudden emergency safety. 
  3. You can have a track history of locations.
  4. You can know the location of your child.

You can go for mobile tracking apps also but it requires lots of setups procedure. While online IMEI tracking doesn’t need any of these which proves it as the best Cell phone tracker online.

After reading this you can conclude that tracking your phone without GPS, Bluetooth, and SIM card is not impossible. You just need to act smart by storing your IMEI number wisely with you and using it when the time comes. For this, you can even store your data by registering at Trackimei which is an IMEI tracker online free of cost.

So next time when your phone gets stolen or lost, track it using the IMEI tracker online.








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