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The cellphone is considered one of our most priced and important possession. This device not only helps us to remain connected with people throughout the world. But it also can be our teacher, who can give us various sources and information to learn and a safe place where we can store our data and information. But it can be a disturbing situation when you lost them. No worries, Google will track your phone. Now, you must be wondering how Google tracks my phone.

It’s pretty easy to track google phones, for this you just need the IMEI number. This number is the master key that will eventually help me to track my phone () .

What is the IMEI number?

The International Mobile Equipment Identity number is also known as the IMEI number a 15-digit code. This number is the unique id of every device. No two devices have the same IMEI number, which helps google track my phones.

If you have a dual sim phone then your device will have two IMEI numbers. You can use any one of the IMEI numbers to trace your phone. 

This number functions similarly to the Aadhar number which every Indian number has.

This code is designed to make our phone safety secure. 

Where you can find the imei number tracking of a device.

  • It’s written on your phone box or the receipt.
  • It’s even printed on the back side of the battery of your phone.
  • You can find the number by entering *#06# in your dialing pad which will display the number on your screen.
  • You can find the number in your phone settings.
  • You can even have that number printed on your device inside or outside.

How can I use IMEI to track my phone?

You just need to follow a few simple steps to track Google phone.

First, there are two types of methods you can follow any one as per your liking and convenience.

  1. Mobile tracking apps- These are the apps that you can easily install on your respective phones. It tracks your location and is useful in tracking other phone numbers. But it can be a time taking process and requires a lot of pre-settings.
  2. Online tracking platforms- These are the online websites that give you the facility to track any number. They will ask you to input the IMEI code and some even ask you to input the country name under which the number is registered(find my device with imei).

This accessible, free, fast, and easy process. You can easily get the required information like their current location, location history, and phone status whether it’s stolen or lost.

Now, we need a website where you can track your phone. Let me suggest to you one which is pretty good in working.

That is Trackimei

What is Trackimei?

Trackimei is a great online platform that helped me to track my phone. This online platform is pretty simple to use with its user-friendly website. 

They cover more than 10 countries and are pretty known for tracking their client’s phone locations.

The website only asks you to type the IMEI number and then they show you the required information. 

Here, you can even report hone if gets stolen or misplaced. 

They even provide their customer a service where they can store such details as IMEI numbers. So when the requirement arises you can easily track your phone.

Final Point

After the above discussion, I am sure how to google track my phone. So next when we purchase a phone or after knowing the importance of IMEI. We will note down the IMEI code of our phone. So that when the emergency arises we can smartly track our phone location without panicking.

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