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If you’ve misplaced your smartphone, you understand the pain. I faced the consequences and found ways to track my phone with google. You begin looking everywhere and find ways to track stolen phones.

Fortunately, there are numerous methods to track stolen phones. Today, our recognition goes to be the way to discover a misplaced Android phone. Even when you have an iPhone, preserve on reading! You’ll save the day! 


IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique 15-digit code legal with the aid of using GSMA, similar to an identification certificate on your phone. Every time a phone uses a particular network to make or obtain a call, send or obtain a message, its IMEI tracker wide variety is robotically emitted and tracked. Because the police and service providers have databases wherein those ID numbers fall into allowlists and blocklists, a proprietor can document their IMEI wide variety and make it blocklisted after a theft. 


We can locate IMEI wide variety in a few methods: 

  • The very best is simply entering *#06# to your phone’s call screen
  • At the silver sticker on the go back of your phone, underneath the battery pack, at the box, your phone got here in
  • You may additionally locate it on your phone settings.


The IMEI serves as a solution for individuals susceptible to dropping or misplacing their phones. Or for the rare, nonetheless viable conditions while one would possibly be lost a phone of their own. Here are a few powerful approaches to looking mobile through an IMEI wide variety.

1. Contact The Police

If your cell phone is stolen, misplaced, or maybe deliberately compromised, it’s wise to record an original document/grievance to the authorities. After all, you’ve misplaced treasured belongings and possibly, sensitive records or personal files.

Your nearby police or any regulation enforcement agency has methods to track IMEI numbers. Aside from getting returned your tool, they may additionally penalize the person that stole or compromised your phone – so it’s like hitting birds with one stone. If legal ramifications are nicely imposed, you could assist other people by preventing these malicious actors from targeting more victims.

2. Ask Your Cell Phone Provider

One of the most acceptable methods to “Find My Device” with IMEI is through the assistance of your cell phone provider/manufacturer. They preserve secure and stable databases in which they store essential records approximately the gadgets they’ve manufactured. You can certainly provide your IMEI wide variety, and they can start a look for your cell phone. 

We can contact cell phone providers through phone, chat messages, or email. This is a top-notch manner to track your tool as it’s free. You might need to wait a few times.

3. Use An IMEI Tracking App

If you’re searching for a hassle-loose solution, then a dependable IMEI locator might be your good option. Third-party tracker apps like track imei number offer far-flung get right of entry to the goal tool, capturing previous and current locations. This software also can be established while not having physical access to the phone you desire to track or monitor, sparing you unnecessary troubles.

4. Lost & Found and Stolen phones database:

This is the ultimate ray of desire for you now. This database is accessed by the general public, the certified owners, the manufacturers, the sellers, the police, and the insurance agencies. Based on your facts, if any such cell is tracked, the locator with the information updates the rightful proprietor. This process may take a long time and does not assure success.


That’s the whole thing you need to understand how to track my phone with google, the usage of IMEI wide variety, or lost phones through IMEI wide variety. Knowing your cell device’s IMEI number and being privy to how to use it nicely could be available reachable while you least anticipate it. 

Aside from locating gadgets, IMEI numbers may also assist you in making sure you’re shopping for or using a legally created or manufactured cell phone.

Through this particular way, I could track my phone and recover it. 

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