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There’s a reason why they’re one of the most valuable companies listed. Therefore, they thought ahead of time and developed the, now known as track My Device, a function that comes by default in all Android devices and where being online is all it takes to get location information.

Thanks to the mobile tracker free online functionalities integrated on mobiles they are constantly delivering information about location and situation, but without an app to read it, it won’t be possible to get a registry of this data. But we live in the 21st century, where remote apps are rampant and mass links are everywhere,

How to Track Your Android Phone 

came up with new alternatives by thinking outside the box on how to track the location of your devices, which, while unorthodox, works as a last resource.

One of them is to use Google’s Timeline function, which is generally used to keep track of places visited in a timeline by checking the location with Google’s account. But unlike ADM, Timeline doesn’t use GPS. Instead, it connects to 2G, phone antennas, and Wi-Fi networks to pinpoint a location, so it can work even if it is off.

Because of this format, it isn’t possible to obtain real-time reports, but you will be able to know the road your device is following and maybe even recognize a pattern and think of ways to find your lost device (track my Device ).

Brand-made tracking systems

Some mobile manufacturers have developed their own tracking software to track the location of their phones. Such as Samsung, who can track the device no matter the device, and even if it needs the Internet to work, they will usually deliver more precise information and will be a surefire alternative, since it comes with the device with no installation needed.

How to Find my Phone with IMEI Number

Don’t fall victim to the several scam apps and websites that claim they can track a phone with the IMEI number only. However, it can help you at least keep your phone data safe, but there is a process: google imei tracker online

  1. Get hold of your IMEI  number, if you can.
  2. make it to the police and see if they can use it to help block the device.
  3. Contact your cell phone provider, who could also be able to work with that data and possibly block the device.

How to Find my Android IMEI  Number Without Your Phone

  • If you have your phone case, you can see it on the back of the packaging
  • If you don’t have your case, you can call your provider and see if they can get it for you

The IMEI  together with the serial number, won’t help directly track the device. The same thing goes for apps that claim they can get a phone location by number only. Without direct access or connection to the cell phone at hand, the phone number won’t be useful at all.

Get Your Device Back!

We truly hope you find your lost device, and we hope next time you’re facing this issue you’re ready with a my device location that lets you watch real-time information, create reports for the police and even create Control Zones with instant alarms. Remember, better be ready with an advanced ‘find my device’ app and gps location tracking, than only with the IMEI number, or the phone’s number (imei tracker) .

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