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A recent study shows that seventy million phone square metres are lost every year. while not a SIM card, GPS location or net access, it should seem to be all lost once your phone goes missing. however did you recognize that you just will use the search my device by imei number.

IMEI (International Mobile instrumentation Identity) could be a distinctive 15-digit code licensed by GSMA, rather like an associate degree identity certificate for your phone. Whenever a phone uses a specific network to form or receive a decision, send or receive a message, it search my device by imei number. As a result of the police and repair suppliers having databases during which these ID numbers constitute white and black lists, the associate degree owner will report his/her IMEI range and create it blacklisted once a thief.

In our daily lives, some folks use a Bluetooth tracer GPS surveyor to find smartphones near — but, this approach has distance limitations. If, sadly, your phone has been taken out of the 10-metre range, use the IMEI range associate degreed an anti-theft hunter to grasp wherever it’s and switch it into nothing over a brick for the outlaw.

Get the IMEI range of your mechanical man phone

Getting to grasp the quantity is simple. The quickest means is to dial *#06#, a command to form the distinctive ID seems. Another straightforward thanks to realise the IMEI range is to navigate through “Settings” and faucet “About Phone” to see the IMEI code of your mechanical man phone.

In most cases, the IMEI range exists on the reverse facet of a phone, or beneath the removable battery. If your phone is lost, however its packaging is unbroken, you’re still ready to realise the IMEI range on the label. Read See the unseen: the way to reveal your IMEI range simply to grasp a lot of details to seek out the serial range. Please note that if your phone supports 2 SIM cards at constant time, their square measures 2 totally different IMEI numbers.

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Locate your lost phone with associate degree IMEI hunter App

There are several phone finder apps on the market for you on Google Play, like AntiTheft App search by imei mobile number by location, realise My Device, SeekDroid: realise My Phone, and so on. Most is activated by the SMS you send; some support exploitation of the IMEI range. Let’s take the primary one for instance.

Step 1: explore for “IMEI tracker” in Google Play, realise “AntiTheft App & IMEI hunter All Phone Location” on your phone. confirm your phone is running on mechanical man four.4 or higher. Then, begin putting in the app.

Step 2: Once finishing the installation, run the app. provide all the permissions that the IMEI hunter App asks for, as well as contacts, calls, storage, SMS, and placement. Just in case you would like to trace your phone, these permissions are going to be necessary to activate full practicality.

Step 3: Press “continue” to manoeuvre on once looking at a brief business. This free mobile search by imei number App is nice, however the sole drawback is that it contains ads that you just ought to watch. Unluckily, you can not skip the ads, if the video isn’t however loaded, you may not be ready to head to consecutive steps.

Step 4: Input the IMEI range of your lost mechanical man phone, check your input, and faucet “Track”. attiny low window with a listing of places can seem, indicating the placement and therefore the shut proximity of your phone.

If you favour employing a pc, you’ll have an interest in the way to track your lost mechanical man Phone on the laptop. The article is associate degree instruction on the way to use mechanical man Service Manager to trace a lost phone.

Wrap up

Embedded on the telephone set, associate degree search lost phone by imei number tracker is troublesome however doable to be modified for thieves with skilled tools. Once it’s modified, a phone is not any longer known because it is the same by the network.


Get aware of your IMEI range beforehand, and ne’er wait until it’s too late once your phone is taken or lost. Report your IMEI range to the police, raise the service supplier to dam all services of your lost phone as long as possible.

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