Lost or stolen smartphones can now be Mobile tracking using IMEI. The government of India has launched a substitute portal known as Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) to reunite you together with your misplaced phone. The undertaking was initially introduced as a pilot program back in September 2019, however now, all users living in Delhi NCR and Mumbai regions can get right of entry to the portal. CEIR is predicted to roll out throughout the USA soon. The government’s lost smartphone tracking portal has been advanced in affiliation with the middle for Development Telematics (CDOT), Delhi Police, and consequently the Department of Telecom (DoT).

CEIR is not like Google’s Find my Phone feature, which works only on gadgets going for walks Android 8 Oreo and above. The feature calls for a telephone or tablet to be turned on, signed in to a Google Account, be connected to mobile facts or Wi-Fi, be seen on Google Play, have Location turned on, and have ‘Find My Device’ grew to become on to certainly find your device. The CEIR, on the alternative hand, relies on nothing but IMEI variety to hint lost or stolen cellular. The portal will collect data from telecom operators across the USA, which suggests there is no need for a lively net connection or an ID to be logged in.


Step 1: Before raising an invitation to CEIR, users have to check in their criticism of a lost or stolen smartphone in the nearest police headquarters.

Step 2: In this, you have to go over to the CEIR website – https://ceir.Gov.In/Home/index.Jsp – to block handset’s IMEI number.

Step 3: The CEIR domestic web page will have the selection to ‘Block Stolen/ Lost Mobile‘. Click on the selection and you’ll be redirected to ‘Request for blocking off misplaced/ stolen cellular cell phone’ shape web page. The web page will ask you information like cell quantity, tool brand, misplaced place, misplaced date, owner’s name, address, identity proof, and more. Quickly refill the small print, enter OTP, click on the declaration, and the Submit button at rock bottom of the web page.

Step 4: After the important points are submitted, you’ll get an invitation ID, which might also then be wont to a song you’re stolen mobile.

Step 5: Once you’re reunited together with your stolen telephone, you’ll unblock the blocked IMEI wide variety. To do so, attend CIARA’s home page, click on ‘Unblock Found Mobile‘, input request ID and cellular number, and click on Submit. you may also check the popularity of your request from ‘Check IMEI Request Status‘ within the house page Mobile tracking using IMEI.

CEIR is claimed to forestall cloning of IMEI wide variety – which might also be a unique variety for any handset. consistent with Anshu Prakash Secretary DoT and Chairman Digital Communications Commission, there are many instances of clones/ duplicated IMEI handsets inside the network. The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) range is programmable, a few miscreants do reprogramme the IMEI quantity, which ends up in the cloning of IMEI inflicting multiple gadgets with equal IMEI wide variety. One can go to the telecom service issuer outlet or nation police to urge IMEI variety blocked.

Tracking USA IMEI

Your smartphone’s safety is important. In today’s age, almost every unmarried thing may be done using phones. Be it mobile banking, communications, or online shopping. Though we cost the importance of our cell devices, it’s miles equally critical to take its protection into account. In case your cell is misplaced or even stolen, it can be difficult to trace it, right? track IMEI number usa What if you don’t have any tool password? What in the case did you put it on silent mode? What would take the non-public information? Well, to live stress-free, it’s miles quite important to have an app or tool, which can help to tune your cell phone with IMEI wide variety.

As cellular phones have gotten promptly available and important so that they have emerged as the principal recognition of cheats over the globe. What’s more, on the off chance that you discover your cell phone missing, at that point no compelling cause to freeze at all considering how it’s miles plausible to Track telephone by using imei tracker quantity. All in all, what’s the IMEI variety?

Find a viable tempo IMEI range:

IMEI or The International Mobile Equipment Identity is the handiest a system recognizable proof number that is referenced underneath directly under the battery of your mobile telephone for the ID of the particular mobile smartphone. What’s more, this wide variety is outstanding and special in each wireless. IMEI number encourages you to know precisely wherein the system is fabricated and what the gadget’s wide variety is check imei verizon.

These numbers are reachable in CDMA, GSM, and a few satellite tv for pc telephones. All things considered, this number is usually made of 15 digits that show the quantity of the cell phone, cell phone’s sequential variety, and moreover the spot of its starting factor.

The motivation in the back of an IMEI range:

The sole motivation at the back of the IMEI variety is to follow cell phones. Their optional intention or motive for the present is to prevent burglary. In the event that a cell cellphone can be recognized all around, a hoodlum can in no way exchange the SIM card and would like to preserve the machine. Best of all, IMEI numbers are typically hard-coded into mobile smartphone equipment, ultimately making it practically hard to transform them track imei number through google earth.

More or less, you may Track phone by IMEI wide variety without the complexity

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