What is remembered for Mobile Insurance? Why take mobile phone insurance?

  • Spreads harm Repairs required to your Mobile, brought about by physical and Accidental or fluid/dampness logging 
  • Robbery/Burglary, Pickpocket, Snatching dependent on the Plan chose 
  • Opportunity from Financial concerns identified with Mobile Phone fixes bill 
  • Get a Spare Phone until Your’s in Repairing 
  • Totally cashless, Once in the Plan term 
  • Additional half year guarantee on Repaired Device 
  • Let loose Pick and Drop-off help additionally Door Step Service 

What is excluded from Mobile Insurance? 

  • Glitch because of Manufacturing Defects 
  • Programming Issues (because of infection and so on), Data Loss 
  • Glitch happening before the acquisition of spread 
  • Harm during different resources use 
  • Glitch because of Regular mileage 

Sort of Mobile Insurance Claim 

  • 1. Self-Repair Service: 
  • 2. Damage Care Repair Service 
  • 3. Door Step Repairing Service 

1. Self-Repair Service: You need to go to the separate brand administration focus and get the gauge for Repair or Replacement, after educating us you will get half of the Estimate sum in a flash to begin the Repairing or Replacement, Remaining after the last bill accommodation inside 3-4 days dependent on your assurance plan. 

2.DymajeCare Repair Service: We will organize Your get and drop-off for your gadget, It will take a minimum of several days and a maximum of 5 days to get your gadget Repaired or Replace, All expenses are secured by Dymaje Care dependent on your Mobile Insurance plan. 

3. Door Step Repairing Service: Our administration Partner will visit your area and they will do the Repairing before you. Peruse more on the administration focus page. You’re Responsibility of Pair Gadgets and Appliances 

You need to deal with the pair of Gadgets and Appliances we have given to you. On the off chance that any glitch goes ahead, Spare Gadgets and Appliances, kindly educate us by calling. 

If there should arise an occurrence of loss, robbery, and mishap we charge the full expense of Spare Gadgets and Appliances. 

How might you discover Apple Serial Number

Investigate the underneath article and figure out how to effectively locate the sequential number once it’s required. You ought to have no further trouble with discovering this number for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Home Pod, Mac, or other Apple items. Here you can iphone serial number check

Where to check first? 

It would be ideal if you recollect, that where the gadget’s sequential number can be found relies upon the item. 

Look at the beneath places: 

  • The outside of your item. 
  • On the off chance that your gadget adjusts with iTunes, a sequential number is to be found there. 

On a Mac: 

  • Open the Apple menu. 
  • Pick About This Mac. 
  • Amazing! Here’s your sequential number. 
  • no photograph 

On an iPhone, iPad, iPod contact, iPod, and Apple Watch: 

  • Go to the Settings. 
  • Find and select General. 
  • Pick About symbol. 
  • Very much done! You have all the required data here! 
  • no photograph 
  • Missing item issue 

Look at the beneath data on the off chance that you don’t have your item around, as it has been taken or lost. Likewise, when you can’t turn on your gadget. In the event that you have the first bundling – the sequential number is situated on the scanner tag. 

In iPhone, iPad, iPod contact, and iPod cases look at the Devices tab in iTunes inclinations so as to get the sequential number. Investigate the first item receipt or a receipt, as there you can likewise locate the sequential number of the purchased item. 

What the sequential number/IMEI is? How to locate the sequential number or IMEI on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? 

It’s one of a kind number that recognizes every, individual gadget. There is no other device on the planet with the equivalent IMEI (The International Mobile Equipment Identity) or sequential number. We can contrast it with the human’s DNA, which is an unchangeable unmistakable attribute of a person. Be that as it may, there isn’t even one special case, as in the twin’s DNA case. A far superior examination is a unique mark, which recognizes just one, explicit individual. 

What do I need a sequential number/IMEI for? 

In the event that you have bought another gadget, it merits checking and taking note of down the sequential number and IMEI if there should arise an occurrence of burglary or misfortune. It very well may be utilized to distinguish its make, model, and sequential number. 

IMEI number is a 14 digit string, with an extra fifteenth check digit for confirming the whole string. Sequential numbers may contain numbers, letters, and other typographical images, or may comprise totally of a character string.


Instructions to track mobile phone by IMEI number

The main thing you need to do is get your IMEI digits by dialing a unique code in your telephone *#06#. Telephones generally produce three codes; IMEI 1, IMEI 2, and SN. The first and second IMEI allude to a similar cell phone, you can disregard the SN as it won’t be valuable in the up and coming advances. 

In the event that you don’t have the telephone between your hands, you can go to your telephone administrator that will get it from their database. It’s conceivable to request that your administrator track your IMEI however the solicitation is typically declined or postponed because of managerial conventions. The present laws just permit explicit elements to follow telephone numbers and telephone administrators abstain from offering this administration since they’ll get overpowered by following solicitations. 

At the point when you got the IMEI in your ownership, get to the following board and fill in the containers with data identified with your telephone. You should enter your IMEI and indicate the nation where the gadget is found. 

When you have determined the fundamental components for the following procedure, click on the catch and let the framework work. You can follow the progression of the operational framework through a board that will keep you educated on the status of each continuous activity. The conclusion of the following experiences a personality check to ensure the client is doing everything by the law and isn’t trading off the protection of others. When finished, the client is naturally diverted to a guide that shows the border where the telephone may be founded on past computations. 


Our foundation gives an IMEI following usefulness on the web. We imagined a basic and simple interface that our clients can adventure to follow their telephones with IMEI. This IMEI tracker can decide the situation of any gadget that is connected with a versatile gear personality. 

The IMEI tracker produces exact geolocation and consequently shows it on an intelligent guide. The framework experiences numerous operational procedures to finish the following appropriately and guarantee the legitimacy of the number and the personality of the demander. 

IMEI trackers can fill in as significant resources in numerous life territories. We’re not just looking at losing a telephone or burglaries. Numerous individuals resort to this innovation for parental control and social purposes; you need to measure the devotion and genuineness of an individual? Get his telephone’s IMEI and put on the tracker to know where they go. Such acts have great and awful sides, it can demolish a connection or strengthen it, and make it more grounded, be cautious on how you utilize the IMEI tracker. 

We reconceived the stage under the solicitation of numerous clients that confronted ordinary issues because of numerous specialized activities. Our framework handles these activities now making our operational framework completely programmed and just required from the client to check his IMEI. 

IMEI tracker gives a precise keep an eye on the status of the telephone, regardless of whether it is lost or taken, it creates a full report on the telephone the second the following is performed. 


Our foundation demonstrates likewise like a telephone discoverer by misusing the intensity of IMEI. So as to do as such, you have to get the digits that recognize your telephone’s portable hardware personality and experience the procedure that we have examined beforehand. We realize that losing a telephone these days can be a horrendous encounter on the grounds that these little machines became related to our own lives. They hold our history, mix-ups, and future ventures. It clarifies the pressure that attacks us when the telephone isn’t in our own any longer; 

In the event that you need to have a decent possibility of finding your telephone by IMEI, you’ll need to make a move and act rapidly. The principal thing you have to consider is finding a gadget that approaches web associations so as to get to the IMEI following stage. At that point you’ll run the following to discover your telephone, however, the circumstance isn’t as simple as it appears. The telephone might be in development and the framework just shows the situation at an exact second. Keeping the position refreshed requires a lot of assets from the inside and outside framework, that is the reason you should open numerous areas or continue restarting the operational framework until you discover your telephone. 

Be cautious in robberies cases, you may require the help of law implementation to recuperate your taken telephone. Such activities require collaboration with the police to maintain a strategic distance from fights and guarantee the smooth recuperation of your gadget.

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