The International Mobile Equipment Identity number is a unique 15-digit code for every device. Every Mobile Phone or other devices with modems has a different IMEI number assigned. This number is not the information you can openly disburse; keeping it secret is a wise decision.(Smartphone security)

One should always be wary about its secrecy as it can be utilized to wipe the data of any device from anywhere. Anyone with basic knowledge can do it with the aid of access to Gmail ID and password. Along with wiping data or locking the device, other illegal things can also be facilitated with access to IMEI tracking.

The most prevalent use of the IMEI number comes under the situation of your device being lost or even worse, i.e., stolen. You should always have this information totrack IMEI number and find the lost phone. There are many tracking apps & websites, but only some of those are legit. Police, other Defence agencies, mobile companies, etc. have reliable IMEI tracking apps and software. They mainly do it to track the criminals or phone thief, when you lodge a complaint about the stolen phone or other devices.(iphone checker serial number)

Ways to Know your IMEI Number
First, the box of the mobile phone always comes with the IMEI number on it. If you have a dual SIM phone, two IMEI numbers should be there.

In case the phone is already lost, Log in to your Gmail Account that was there on your phone. Then go to the devices, and there you can find it to track IMEI number.

You can dial the number *#06# from your mobile device, and the IMEI number will get displayed on the screen. You should keep it safe with you by noting it down or taking a screenshot for future use.(Smartphone security)

Concluding Thoughts
These points should have apprised you of the processes to find the IMEI number. A good tracking app can readily track your device and help you get it back.(track imei number through google earth)

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