Before getting into the point, there are two effects that you do need to know. Originally, the Google Find My phone will work only if your device’s position services are turned on. Secondly, the point needs to be toggled on in settings as well. So let us take a quick look at how to detect your lost phone with this point.

Now, in some bias, this particular point comes in- erected. Still, in others, that isn’t thecase.However, you can download an app and set it up, If your phone does n’t have this point. To see if you formerly have it, head over to Settings> Security and look for the Google Find My phone option. Now, if this point is formerly there on your device and turned off, toggle iton.However, simply head over to the Google Play Store and download the Google Find My Device app, If your device doesn’t have it.
Next over, you would want to turn on your smartphone’s position settings. To do so

  1. First out, head over to your smartphone’s Position Settings. Also, once you tap and get in, you’ll be suitable to see if it’s toggled on or out.
  2. Still, turn it on, If the position services of your device are turned off.

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