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What if your Android phone is misplaced or it’s far stolen? 

How will you use the tool or locate it? 

Here is a small component so as to manual you to locate your tool in lots of ways, additionally together with the tool the usage of the track iphone by imei free range. 

How to Find your IMEI Number:

Below are the locations in which you may locate the IMEI range of your tool:

On the acquisition invoice you bought with the tool. On the field of the tool. It is marked and written at the battery that cubes with the tool. Dial *#06# inside the phone app, the IMEI range of the tool is displayed on the screen.

METHOD 1: Tracking misplaced cell the usage of Google

This approach specially does now no longer assist to Track your Android phone the usage of the track iphone by imei free range of the tool however the usage of the Location Access, 

 GPS. So comply with the steps

First you need to make certain whether or not the tool has the Latin get entry to switch on. If it is turned off then this approach can not sincerely paint. Now Google maintains a song for each tool, and you may carry out many things if your tool is misplaced. So go browsing to the tool supervisor internet site and log in together with your Google account that you were using at the tool. Now right here you may see the alternatives to gps tracker imei . It will display you the actual time area of the tool. Not most effective, you may lock the tool remotely. Set a password or additionally alternate the password of your tool. It additionally offers you a choice to remotely erase all of your facts at the tool, in order that your private facts now no longer get in incorrect arms. So this turned into a way to stumpy locate your listing or stolen phone the usage of the Android Device Manager.

Method 2: Lodge a Police grievance

 This approach makes use of the imei gps tracking range and monitors the tool via it. You want to resort to a police grievance after which you position your IMEI range within the seek process. And then on every occasion the individual adjustments to the SIM card kind tool could be tracked through using imei number tracking range. But the chance of this approach to paintings and locating your phone is low because the police normally in very uncommon instances song your phone, except it’s far from excessive priority.

Method 3: Using Anti virus or Anti Theft Applications

This approach normally does not assist you locate your phone however it certainly does assist you save your phone from moving into wrung arms and blocks it. You ought to use a top class antivirus Software. Whenever the SIM is modified the anti virus will block the phone and ask for password, so this will save you your tool from moving into incorrect arms. So this turned into a quick put up which indexed a few measures that might be taken if your phone.


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