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The find my device google account should be a go-to page for anyone who has been searching for a lost or stolen phone, tablet, or laptop. You can use the find my device google account to track your devices location, erase personal data on them to prevent identity theft.

For those unfortunate folks who have had their Apple devices stolen and found out that if you are running iOS 10 you cannot do a complete wipe of your iPhone or iPad because it will not allow you to overwrite the file system.(track phone using imei online free)

Furthermore Apple has made it almost impossible to wipe your devices remotely.

Apple has also made it a little difficult for those that have had their device stolen, due to the fact you cannot locate them without being connected to the same Wi-Fi in which it was stolen from. The only way for you to be able to find your device when it is offline is if you have been monitoring its location via iCloud, Apple’s cloud storage service. 

If you do decide to use iCloud or Find My iPhone or find my device google account to track your stolen device, here are some additional articles that could help you.

You can always find my device if you don’t want to spend hours looking for it. You’ll see the location of your phone or tablet on a map with its last known location, as well as time since it was there. If you simply lost track of where you left it, this feature is really helpful. But if someone steals your phone, then finding the thief will involve legal channels: make a police report and file an insurance claim. (imei tracker)

To find your device:

Open the Google Home app . Make sure your Android phone or tablet is on and unlocked. At the bottom right, tap Account . On your Android phone or tablet, go to Google Settings and select Find my device.When you tap it, you’ll see estimated travel times along with the battery level and signal strength of nearby wireless networks. On your Android phone or tablet, go to Google Settings > Find my device.(imei phone tracker)

Select “Mark as Lost” to help Google with the search. If you mark your device as lost, then it will show up on the map with times, signal strength and approximate location. 

*Display a message on the screen asking you to confirm that you’d like to mark your phone as lost.

*Lock and require a password to turn on or off

*Show a lock screen message that says “Sorry, my phone is lost. To unlock my phone, press down on the power button and hold it until it turns off.”(boost mobile insurance number)

You can also choose to “Mark as Found,” in which case Google Home is required to assist with the search. That is, if you contact your phone and “force” Google Home to find your device. When you mark as found, you’ll get a notification on your phone that says: “Your phone was found. It’s in [device name]” and a message that you made a successful find request.

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