What is remembered for Device insurance

  • Spreads harm Repairs required to your Mobile, brought about by physical and Accidental or fluid/dampness logging 
  • Robbery/Burglary, Pickpocket, Snatching dependent on the Plan chose 
  • Opportunity from Financial concerns identified with Mobile Phone fixes bill 
  • Get a Spare Phone until Your’s in Repairing 
  • Totally cashless, Once in the Plan term 
  • Additional half year guarantee on Repaired Device 
  • Let loose Pick and Drop-off help additionally Door Step Service 

What is excluded from phone Insurance

  • Glitch because of Manufacturing Defects 
  • Programming Issues (because of infection and so on), Data Loss 
  • Glitch happening before the acquisition of spread 
  • Harm during different resources use 
  • Glitch because of Regular mileage 

Sort of Mobile Insurance Claim 

1.Self Repair Service: 

2.DymajeCare Repair Service 

3.Door Step Repairing Service 

Self Repair Service: You need to go to the separate brand administration focus and get the gauge for Repair or Replacement, After educating us you will get half of the Estimate sum in a flash to begin the Repairing or Replacement, Remaining after the last bill accommodation inside 3-4 days dependent on your assurance plan Device insurance

DymajeCare Repair Service: We will organize Your get and drop-off for your gadget, It will take Minimum of a day and Maximum of 5 days to get your gadget Repaired or Replace, All expenses are secured by DynaCare depending on your Mobile Insurance plan boost mobile phone insurance

Door Step Repairing Service: Our administration Partner will visit your area and They will do the repair before you. Peruse more on the administration focus page. 

Your Responsibility of Pair Gadgets and Appliances 

You need to deal with a pair of Gadgets and Appliances we have given to you 

On the off chance that any glitch goes ahead, Spare Gadgets and Appliances, kindly educate us by calling. 

If there should arise an occurrence of loss, robbery and mishap we charge the full expense of Spare Gadgets and Appliances. 


1) We will readily support as long as the arrangement is dynamic and has not lapsed. Additionally, the breakdown needs to have happened during the term of DymajeCare and not before it. 

2) Malfunctioning embellishments or consumable things are not secured here. A full rundown of these things is accessible on the Protection Product page. 

3) The Gadgets and Appliances which are on the Festival offer insurance need to have at least a half year’s maker’s guarantee that is appropriate in India. If it’s not too much trouble guarantee that you don’t alter the Gadgets and Appliances, perform unapproved fixes or use them financially. Every one of these activities voids the maker’s guarantee and accordingly Damage Care plan too imei tracker

4) We will have the option to cover those Gadgets and Appliances that are purchased outside India. In any case, if the Gadgets and Appliances that you have purchased in India stalls while voyaging abroad, we will cover it. 

5) Malfunction ought not to be because of ordinary mileage. 

6) Ensure your Gadgets and Appliances receipt is electronically created (printed) and has a total separation of assessments. In the event of manual solicitations or deceitful solicitations or making any bogus case, dismissal of plan and demands will be at the circumspection of DymajeCare track imei number through google earth

7) DynaCare covers each issue in the Gadgets and Appliances that happens naturally or in basic terms “all alone” and with no outer factor. 

8) International Coverage – If the Gadgets and Appliances stalls abroad, we will at present spread it. You can get it fixed from the administration place abroad; we will repay the receipt costs. On the other hand, you can get it back to India, we will give our typical Pick – Repair – Deliver back to your administration verizon check imei


DynaCare Can be dropped inside 15 days of finished request and inside 24 hours of handling request. Endless supply of the DynaCare a 20% of bought plan sum or cost will be deducted from the sum paid towards the DymajeCare and the whole sum will be discounted. No scratch-offs can be made by the Customer following 15 days from the date of Purchase of DymajeCare, If you make any undoing following 15 days you won’t get any discount. The discount sum will take 40 to 50 days to credit. In the event that a client needs to drop a preparing request, they should finish the request by giving any mentioned record inside 24 hours from the solicitation drop time. No solicitation would be done following 24 hours imei phone tracker

On the off chance that the Customer makes a solicitation, realizing that it will generally be bogus as well as deceitful or in under Re-confirmation stage as respects the worth or the measure of work or something else, this Service Agreement is esteemed to be dropped from assessment without return of cash paid and the client must restore all solicitation installments got till such retraction, including any delivery charges or other auxiliary charges brought about by the Company iphone serial number lookup

What all archives I am required to give while filling the guarantee? 

You are required to give the accompanying reports: 

1. Appropriately documented case Form 

2. Any Govt. ID confirmation (Self bore witness to) 

3. Pictures of Damage gadget 

4. Gadget buy Invoice 

5. In the event of Theft/Burglary, Pick-Pocket, Snatching, Robbery, Snatching FIR duplicate is required

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