According to the recent Kantar Worldpanel report, the iPhone is revealed to be one of the top three favored brands in India and that comes as no surprise! With its satiny and swish design, camera and of course, the exclusivity that comes with it. Still, with the average cost of an iPhone being at least around Rs the last thing anyone wants is to spend further plutocrat on it, especially not in the case of an accidental screen break! Whether it’s because of your adulation fritters, a clumsy sprat at home or a friend just being careless with it, an iPhone mobile insurance could maybe be your dear iPhone’s guardian angel. In a world where everything is going digital, guarding your iPhone with the stylish iPhone insurance in India too can be done with a valve of many buttons!

What is great about iPhone Insurance by Track IMEI?

  • New & Habituated phones– Now insurance for brand new iPhones as well as old/ habituated bones.
  • Accidental Screen damage covered– Screen damages are the most common of all dolor! All screen damages due to accidental or liquid harm are covered!
  • Low prices– Buy this mobile insurance cover at nearly the cost of a Screen Guard!
  • Worldwide cover– Trip around the world solicitude-free. Our insurance is valid everyplace.(apple iphone insurance)
  • IMEI linked cover-Whether you use the phone or your family or friend does, this insurance will be consequent for all. It’s linked to the IMEI of the phone & not the user.
  • Repay up to Sum Insured-At the time of buying, we will show you an quantum, called Sum Insured. Post claim blessing, you can get your form costs refunded up to your separate sum ensured.

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