mobile insurance

On location, Go covers mobile insurance for electronic gadgets and home apparatuses like mobiles, PCs, advanced cameras, TV, AC, fridge, microwave and clothes washer. 

The organization covers portable harms globally yet the cell phones ought to have been purchased in India as it were. 

  • Hazard Covered 
  • Screen or Display harms 
  • Spills or Liquid harms 
  • Maintenance agreement 

Actuate Protection 

The Mobile Phone Insurance plans can be bought online at the organization site or from Amazon. The maintenance agreement can likewise be bought from Croma stores. 

The connection for enactment is sent through email around an hour to 48 hrs after the buy. The subtleties like IMEI, sequential number, and so forth can be filled on the web, in addition to you have to transfer a receipt to get affirmation of actuation. 

The enactment should be done inside 30 days from the date of acquisition of the arrangement. 


The organization gives an online mini-computer to give the best plans. You have to check designs by picking the gadget and the value run. 

Screen Protection Plan 

Screen security is for fixes of gadget show for a time of 1-year from the date of the installment. 

The arrangement should be bought alongside the portable. 

Spills and Drop Protection Plan 

The security is for physical or fluid harm and should be bought around the same time. 

The security is for a time of 1-year of gadget life from the date of the installment. 

Service agreement Plan 

The arrangement gives 1 or 2 years of additional security against assembling deserts. 

You have to buy inside a half year of purchasing the gadgets. 

Different advantages 

If there should be an occurrence of non-accessibility of pick and drop office, the organization repays the expense of fixes.

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