IMEI number

IMEI means international mobile station equipment identity. Ideally, it is a number used to recognize the device connected to any cellular network. You are using your terrestrial cellular network when you use the mobile to make any call or use the data plan to access your Internet that the cellular carrier offers. It is known as terrestrial because it connects through planet-side antennas instead of satellites. You can track your mobile IMEI number easily if your mobile is stolen.

IMEI standard applies to all terrestrial cellular network devices, which includes 3G-4G 5G computers, tablets, or even new integrated 4 LTE or 5G wireless cards besides other smartphone devices. You can get at least two international mobile station equipment identity numbers provided your mobile has a dual SIM option. It means that one number is applicable for each SIM slot.

What is the purpose of the IMEI number

The primary purpose of an IMEI number is to keep a tab of a device. It is used to understand mobile devices and model numbers for tracking purposes at the same time. Every mobile device has An IMEI number, and it is easy to track mobile phones if you have this code.

With an online IMEI tracker, your number is cracked by the carrier and, on rare occasions, by the manufacturer. The primary purpose is to have a tab on the gadget, which also helps prevent theft. You can use this number to lock your phone if you remember the international mobile station equipment identity whenever it is stolen.

The best part is that IMEI is a globally unique identifier based on your phone’s model instead of your SIM card. It ensures that whenever a person steals your mobile phone and switches the SIM card, you can track it quickly, as the code is unique for every mobile model. It is hard coded in the device hardware. Thieves can try to change this code, but it is impossible unless they are professionals and have all the required skills. The code can be listed by all the networks instead of the carrier.

Is it safe to share your IMEI number?

No, you should not share your IMEI number as it will make IMEI number tracking very easy, which is unsafe. At the same time, it is challenging for somebody else to discover the code in typical circumstances. But if they possess a mobile device or a cell phone box, it will be possible for them to know this number. Sharing the code with anybody else is dangerous because it will record you and your phone’s location.

Your privacy is most likely jeopardized as they would be able to track you using the same. The government might also use this code to keep a tab on you. The international mobile station equipment identity code can also be used for crimes. You are spreading your current location when you disclose the sport. (imei tracker)

If you give out your IMEI number, people can easily read your messages or post on social media websites. Additionally, they can check all the call logs, which puts your privacy at a considerable risk.

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