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Expensive or cheap, losing a device can be traumatic since life depends so much on phone usage. No one wants to be faced with a situation where they must get on their knees to look for their lost phone. It can be worse when a device like an iPhone is lost as it is costly, you might have stored all your important private data on it, and you get frustrated to track a dead iPhone.

How to track the dead iPhone in steps?

1: How to Find Your iPhone When It’s Dead with Find My iPhone

When your iPhone is offline, you can still find its current location. An iPhone goes offline when the battery dies or is out of range.

  •  If the iPhone is only offline and not dead,  you can use your friend’s iPhone to log in to “Find My” on the iCloud official website to view your iPhone’s current location.
  • But if the iPhone is broken or the battery is dead, Find My shows the last known location of the iPhone. 
  • This method is only available if you have previously activated Find My on your phone.

2: Find  Lost iPhone on PC or Mac

However, if you don’t have another iPhone or iPad, you may want to use your Mac or Windows PC. To find your dead iPhone using a computer, you need to do the following:

  • Visit on the computer.
  • Once the website opens, you will be prompted to sign in with your Apple ID and password if you want to use the website’s features.
  • The next step is to tap the Find iPhone app icon on the website.
  • You need to look at the top of the main interface and click “All Devices.” From there, you need to select the lost and dead iPhone that you want to locate.
  • A map will appear on your screen. It gives you an address where your lost iPhone is located.

3: How to Track a Phone Google Maps.

If you don’t have to Find My enabled or Find My just doesn’t work, how do you find your iPhone when it’s dead? You can track your phone on google maps.

  • Go to Google Map on the computer and log in to your Gmail account (note that this feature may not be available if the user has never logged in to Google Map).
  • Then click on “My Places,” and it will bring up a list of the places you’ve searched so far, including your home address and your place of work or anything else.
  • You should see a place labelled Where did I park my car? So click on it and see what this place looks like on a map. 
  • If multiple locations are marked as such, choose the one closest to your iPhone’s last known location.
  • A step or a Bluetooth connection triggered the alarm. 


IMEI Number Tracker, the online phone number tracker, provides a correct phone status check, checks the phone on Google Maps, and reviews if it is lost or misplaced; it generates a full report on the telephone when instant tracking is done.

IMEI tracker can track your phone if your SIM card is used and also track a dead iPhone efficiently.

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