Lost or stolen smartphones can now be traced to the usage of its IMEI wide variety. The government of India has launched a substitute portal known as Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) to reunite you together with your misplaced phone. The undertaking was initially introduced as a pilot program back in September 2019, however now, all users living in Delhi NCR and Mumbai regions can get right of entry to the portal. CEIR is predicted to roll out throughout the USA soon. The government’s lost smartphone tracking portal has been advanced in affiliation with the middle for Development Telematics (CDOT), Delhi Police, and consequently, the Department of Telecom (DoT) trace mobile by IMEI number.

CEIR is not like Google’s Find my Phone feature, which works only on gadgets going for walks Android 8 Oreo and above. The feature calls for a telephone or tablet to be turned on, signed in to a Google Account, be connected to mobile facts or Wi-Fi, be seen on Google Play, have Location turned on, and have ‘Find My Device’ grew to become on to certainly find your device. The CEIR, on the alternative hand, relies on nothing but IMEI variety to hint lost or stolen cellular. The portal will collect data from telecom operators across the usa, which suggests there is no need for a lively net connection or an ID to be logged in.


Step 1: Before raising an invitation on CEIR, users have to check in their criticism of a lost or stolen smartphone in the nearest police headquarters

Step 2: In this, you have to go over to the CEIR website – https://ceir.Gov.In/Home/index.Jsp – to block handset’s IMEI number.

Step 3: The CEIR domestic web page will have the selection to ‘Block Stolen/ Lost Mobile‘. Click on the selection and you’ll be redirected to ‘Request for blocking off misplaced/ stolen cellular cell phone’ shape web page. The web page will ask you information like cell quantity, tool brand, misplaced place, misplaced date, owner’s name, address, identity proof, and more. Quickly refill the small print, enter OTP, click on the declaration, and Submit button at the rock bottom of the web page imei number tracker.

Step 4: After the important points are submitted, you’ll get an invitation ID, which might also then be wont to the song you are stolen mobile.

Step 5: Once you’re reunited together with your stolen telephone, you’ll unblock the blocked imei tracker wide variety. To do so, attend CIARA’s home page, click on ‘Unblock Found Mobile‘, input request ID and cellular number, and click on Submit. You may also check the popularity of your request from ‘Check IMEI Request Status within the house page.

What is Mobile Protection?

Mobile Protection is a tool protection choice that provides mobile protection:

  • Coverage for loss, robbery, and damage (such as water damage)
  • Coverage for post-guarantee defects
  • Access to US-based Tech Coach specialists which can provide solutions on your toughest questions about your device and really the whole lot it connects to
  • When touring internationally, in lots of destinations expedited claim achievement for replacements. Or for select smartphones, short compensation for cracked-screen repairs
  • 24/7 claims service, so you might not be without a tool for long

These tool protection advantages as well, which are available for select smartphones, challenge to elements availability:

  • Same-day device alternative and setup (for select smartphones)
  • Unlimited, fast cracked-display restore for $29/declare as soon as identical day
  • Battery replacement at a Verizon Authorized Repair Facility

There are 3 Total Mobile Protection options:

  • Total Mobile Protection, which is for an unmarried line only.
  • Total Mobile Protection Multi-Device, which offers you insurance for any three eligible traces to your account, and you don’t have to pick out which lines to cowl whilst you sign up. If you have got extra than three lines, you can also enroll in additional coverage for up to 7 more lines on your account.
  • Total Mobile Protection Multi-Device for Business, which gives you flexible coverage for any 3 strains on an enterprise account with 3 to 10 lines. Registered traces reopen after twelve months of no claims, permitting you to sign in a new line, for delivered flexibility.

3 strains on a commercial enterprise account, for commercial enterprise money owed with 3 – 10 traces

11 traces on a business account, for commercial enterprise accounts with 11 – 24 strains

25 strains on a commercial enterprise account, for enterprise money owed with 25 – 49 traces

Registered traces on business debts reopen after 12 months of no claims, allowing you to sign in a brand new line, for brought flexibility.

When it comes to choosing the great insurance for your mobile cellphone, recollect this!

Not long in the past we simply used cell telephones to make calls or ship cryptic, shorthand text messages. Now, phones have turned out to be the sort of vital part of our lives that many humans sleep with them. So when your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged, it can motivate major existence disruptions. That’s why cellular phone coverage is more vital these days than ever to get you and your telephone returned up to and going for walks quickly boost mobile insurance number.

1. Despite premiums and deductibles, insurance nevertheless saves you money

The common retail price of a new telephone is $590; even higher for a simple iPhone 7 ($649). More than 70% of phone claims are filed inside the first year, according to Asurion claims data. This way that clients with cellphone insurance who record a declaration at month 12 on an iPhone 7 can save $318 – $342 on a replacement cell phone after rates and deductibles.

2. Protection plans aren’t created equal

Most aftermarket “safety plans” are clearly extended assurance plans which only cover accidental harm and malfunctions. Only a cellular cellphone insurance and extended guarantee bundle – available through most wireless carriers – covers loss, theft, harm, and mechanical and electric failures. This is critical due to the fact one in four telephone claims final year had been from loss or theft*

3. Cracked display screen? With insurance, you can restore your cellphone rapid and for less

Most mobile cell phone coverage programs through wireless carriers include cracked smartphone display screen substitute with a decrease deductible than what you’ll pay for a substitute device. The deductible is generally less pricey than taking your telephone to a restore shop. For extra convenience, in some markets coverage applications to be had through your wireless carrier will ship a technician to your own home or workplace to restore the cracked screen trace mobile by IMEI number.

4. Without insurance, you might need to pay for TWO phones

Shoppers now pay the full price of their phones both upfront or in monthly installments. If you’re purchasing by month-to-month installments and also you lose, wreck or have your cell phone stolen earlier than you’ve paid it off, you’ll still have to make the ultimate bills. What’s more, without insurance you could be left with each of the closing installments and the bills for a new smartphone. With a 32GB Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, at 6 months a patron could nevertheless owe nearly $550 on their old phone while seeking to pay for a brand new one.

5. Cell telephone coverage provides extra safety for replacement telephones

Most cellular telephones come with a 1-year warranty in opposition to malfunction. But what happens whilst you lose, break, or have your telephone stolen and want a replacement? Not only will insurance from your service replace your smartphone rapidly, but it will also typically guard your alternative smartphone with a new 1-year guarantee that starts off evolving the day you get hold of it. So, you grow to be having warranty coverage for longer than if you’d kept your original smartphone boost mobile phone insurance.

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