track my phone
  1. To discover your tool, there need to be a few prerequisites
  2. Lost Phone needs to be grown to become on.
  3. Lost Phone needs to be Signed in with the Google account.
  4. Location needs to be grown to become on Lost Phone.
  5. Lost Phones need to be linked to any cellular network (or) wifi connection.
  6. find my lost iphone choice needs to be enabled in Lost Phone. 


  1. Open your preferred Browser.
  2. Visit the URL 
  3. You’re requested to Sign in the use of your Gmail identity identification and password for find my lost iphone provider supplied via the means of Google. 
  4. Sign in the use of Gmail identity identification found in your Lost telecel smartphone.
  5. After you Sign in, a find lost phone with imei web page like underneath appears, 
  6. It shows the information like tool name, battery percentage, and SIM operator.
  7. Click at the refresh icon, to discover the present day place of your Lost telecel smartphone.

Note, it offers the approximate place.

Play Sound

  1. Sometimes, we can also additionally region our telecel smartphone somewhere round us and look for it. And you could`t capable of discover it. you could use this selection Play Sound. 
  2. Click at the Play Sound button, the telecel smartphone will ring for five mins even though the telecel smartphone is about to go silent.
  3. To forestall ringing the sound, once you discover the telecel smartphone, click on Stop Ringing button (or) press the electricity button of the telecel smartphone you discover.
  4. If you are not capable of discovering the Lost telecel smartphone around you, choose Secure Device to defend it from others.

Secure Device

  • Remember the password, you can not alternate it again. Once you get the find lost boost mobile phone to your hand, you could simplest unencumbered it with the use of this password.
  • Additionally, you could upload a Recovery message and Phone range for touch information. 
  • Secure Device
  • Secure Device choice permits you to Lock the telecel smartphone and signal from your Google account.
  • If your telecel smartphone would not have a display screen lock, it asks you to set a brand new password.
  • Click Secure Device button, it’s going to lock the Lost telecel smartphone and shows the message at the lock display screen like underneath, 
  • It asks to spark off your Google account. It indicates a notification “Account activation required”
  • By clicking the notification “Account activation required”, you want to confirm your account.
  • You must confirm your account via a way of giving the proper password of your Google account.
  • Then you could use your telecel smartphone as usual. 

 Erase Device

  • If you experience something like that, you can not get the Lost telecel smartphone for your hands, you could even erase all of your telecel smartphone information completely and defend your privacy.
  • Note that during the mind, after erasing information you can not discover the tool.
  • If the Lost telecel smartphone is offline, information will begin to erase as soon as it comes again online imei tracker free.
  • Choose this selection simplest you experience like, you can not get the Lost telecel smartphone for your hands. To try this observe the stairs underneath,
  • Click on the Erase Device button it’s going to ask you to confirm it’s far you, kind the password, and click on next.
  • It will ask for confirmation that “Permanently erase all information out of your Lost telecel smartphone”, click on erase.
  • It will erase all of your information from that telecel smartphone, your information is blanketed from your device. (imei tracker)

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