1. Simplest strategy – utilize the dialer

This is likely the easiest and quickest method for getting the How to Find  iPhone IMEI  of your iPhone. Simply open the dialler, and type in *#06#

That is all there is to it, really that straightforward! It’ll pull up the IMEI of your iPhone. In the event that your iPhone is a moderately late model that upholds double SIM include, you will see two find phones by IMEI numbers here. It would likewise show the EID and MEID numbers (to a greater degree toward that later).

2. Investigate settings

Go to Settings – > General – > About. Look down to observe the IMEI number composed there. 

On a similar screen, you will likewise see the Serial Number, Model Number, ICCID, MEID and so on of the iPhone.

Tip: If you need to impart the How to Find iPhone IMEI  to somebody, you can without much of a stretch duplicate the IMEI from this screen. Simply press and hold the IMEI number – you’ll get the “duplicate” choice brief.

3. Imprinted on the SIM Tray

In many iPhones (notwithstanding iPhones 5, 5c, 5s, SE, 6 and 6 Plus) the IMEI number is imprinted on the SIM Tray too.

Note: The print is little, so you need to sincerely strain your eyes to have the option to peruse the numbers.

Additionally note: If your iPhone has a double SIM include – the second SIM being an advanced one, you won’t track down the second IMEI on the SIM plate.

4. For iPads: Printed on the rear of the gadget

In a portion of the more seasoned iPhone models (iPhones 5, 5c, 5s, SE, 6 and 6 Plus), and practically all iPads, the IMEI number is printed/engraved on the back.

Kindly note: if there should arise an occurrence of iPads, just the “Wi-Fi + Cellular” models have an IMEI number. On the off chance that your iPad is a “Wi-Fi in particular” model, it doesn’t have an IMEI number.

5. Locater and iTunes

  1. Associate your iPhone or iPad to the your MacBook
  2. Open iTunes or Finder (Mac OS Catalina onwards)
  3. Find your gadget. In Finder, ensure you’re under the General tab. In iTunes click the Summary tab to see its data.

6. On the off chance that you don’t approach the iPhone or iPad:

I. Do you have another Apple gadget?

The other gadget ought to be endorsed into your Apple ID (involved on the gadget for which you’re attempting to find a phone using  IMEI).

  • iPhone: Go to Settings – > Click on your name – > Scroll down to see all gadgets endorsed in with your Apple ID. To see the IMEI, tap the gadget name.
  • MacBook: Open “Framework Preferences” – > At the upper right hand corner, track down a symbol “Macintosh ID”, click on it – > On the left sidebar, observe every one of your gadgets recorded. Track down the specific iPhone/iPad and click on it to see the IMEI tracker

ii. Do you have the first bundle?

  • On the iPhone/iPad container box, look carefully – simply over one of the standardized tags, you will see the IMEI composed.

iii. Go to

  • Open an internet browser on your PC and go to Sign in utilizing your Apple ID. Look down to the gadgets area and snap on any iPhone/iPad to see its imei number tracking and chronic number.

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