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No matter who you are, rich or poor, teenager or old, we all have phones. A phone can be a symbol for many people as a purchase after hard work as a reward or something that keeps all our important files. And losing it can be a disturbing situation for many as losing a priced possession with your hard-earned money and losing your vital private information. This leads us to make insurance for most of our possession, so why not mobile phone insurance online?

There are a few easy ways to ensure your phone’s safety even when it gets lost or misplaced.

There is essential information you need to know that will help you in the future. Currently, finding your lost phone and disabling it to protect it from any misuse is an easy task, which anyone can do from their home from an online platform.

You need to have the IMEI number on your phone.

What is an IMEI number?

IMEI number is known as the International Mobile Equipment Identity. It’s a fifteen-digit unique set of numbers used as the identity of every phone. Whether your phone is an android or iPhone, it will have its unique IMEI number. The government of your country issues it to boost mobile tracking process.

The IMEI helps people in various forms like:-

  • To locate your lost phone.
  • Making your lost phone disable 
  • Track the location of other people whom you are unable to reach.
  • It helps police and other crime branches solve cases and discover essential clues.

You can easily find your phone IMEI number from

  • It’s printed within the phone body or in its battery.
  • It’s even present on the phone box or bill.
  • It’s even mentioned in the setting options.
  • You can get it by entering “ *#06# ” in your dialing pad.

How to use it?

There are mainly two ways through which you can track your phone.

The first involves tracking apps that require phone numbers to track the location. You can use this to locate iPhone by phone number or any other phone when you don’t have the IMEI number with you.

The second one is the online websites where they ask you for your phone’s IMEI code and give you the required information. This method is widely famous as it’s accessible, free, and easy to use. These platforms have been created to boost mobile tracking. For example, Track IMEI.

What is Track IMEI?

Track IMEI is an online platform specially created to help people to track their lost phones with a single click. They have covered a considerable part of the world, helping people worldwide.

You need to simply put in the IMEI number, which will display the required information. Here you can even report your phone is lost ( imei check iphone ).

They even provide their customer services to save IMEI numbers and other details of your phone, which can be used to get your phone back when the need arises. Their website is user-friendly and bug-free; you can use it on your own as it’s simple.


You can use these facilities to boost mobile phone insurance in a world where everything is available online. You can benefit from the free online services to enhance your phone’s security.

Remember a few essential points by remembering or keeping the code with yourself. 

These points will avoid the panic and stress you may experience when your phone gets stolen. Instead of getting tensed and worried, you can smartly track your phone down using Track IMEI.

So next time you purchase a new phone, remember to note down their IMEI number and even your current phone to avoid future inconvenience ( imei tracker ).  

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[…] You need to simply put in the IMEI number, which will display the required information. Here you can even report your phone is lost ( imei check iphone ). […]