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There’s nothing worse than losing your phones because nowadays your phone is filled with a lot of your data, which might be really hard to recoup if lost. Some might indeed say that losing your smartphone is like losing your mind. It’s easy to detect a lost phone thanks to the constantly enhancing technology. But the real question is can you detect your Lost Cell Phone which is turned off?


The simple answer to this question is yes, you can track a lost and turned off phone. Indeed though it’s easier to detect a phone which is on, but changing an off phone is also possible. We’re going to be talking about how you can track your phone which is turned off. So, if you also want to know that also you have come to the right place. So let us not waste any further time and get right to it ( google imei tracker online ) .


How to Track an off iPhone


If you’re using an iPhone with iOS 13 or advanced then your phone will be equipped with a “ Find My iPhone ” point which helps you track it. With this point enabled, you can open the “ Find My ” app on any other Apple device, or you can also “ Find iPhone ” on your iCloud and detect your phone which is turned off. This can help you detect your phone indeed when it isn’t connected to Wi- Fi , also the app can trace your phone by seeing its last live position using “ shoot Last position ” point, If your iPhone is turned off and lost. This tells you the last position of your phone when it was on, and it can help you in major ways to find your lost phone. There’s one further great point which is “ Notify When set up ”. This sends you announcement when the lost phone gets turned on again (apple imei check)


You can enable this point simply by opening the “ Find my cell phone  ” app and also choosing the missing device from the list.


Scroll to see further options and you’ll find “ Notify When set up ”, enable it and you’ll be notified when it turns back on.


How to Track turned off Android Phones


It’s easy enough to find your Android phone, which is on, and you can see the live position by using “ Find My Device ”. But if your phone is turned off or runs out of battery also you can see the last position to detect your phone.


system 1 Find My Device


For this you’ll need to go or you can also use the Find My Device app on any other Android phone.


subscribe- in to your Google Account but keep in mind that the account which you are using should be linked to the device which is lost.


You’ll see a list of all the biases linked with that account. select your phone from the list which you want to find.


This gives you plenty of other great options like playing a sound on your phone which is lost, along with securing the device with a leg and also abolishing the data present on that phone ever.

Still, there’s some suitable handy information to read on from then, If you want to Track your Android Device without Wi- Fi or data.


system 2 Using Google


still, also you can see the position of your phone or last live position on Google maps, If you have Find My Device installed in your phone which is linked with your Google account.

Simply open Google Account and also go to Google maps.


Also click on the menu and choose Your Timeline.


When a new window pops- up, type in the date and time to see the position history.


system 3 Google ‘ Find My Device


There’s one further thing which you can do to find your lost phone and that’s by using Google 


Find My Phone point.


Click on Get Started to see a list of all the biases which are linked with your Google Account.

select your missing device and start locating it.


Bottom Line


These were some easy and simple way to find your phones when they’re lost and also also make sure to keep the below- mentioned effects in mind and you’ll be good to go, If you have lost also we recommend you visit OPPO Store and choose from a wide collection of Android phones, If you’re looking to buy Smartphones.


By any chance if you have an OPPO phone, you can go check out our full companion of how to find my samsung phone


Yes, you can track the lost mobile phone if it’s lost as well as switched off with the Google Charts. Just by checking out the history of your device timeline, you can track where your phone was active last time. While this needs one condition that your phone must have had internet access at the last position, there are some other ways too.


A solid result for chancing lost phones is by using GPS shamus or a third- party software that uses GPS for tracking the mobile phone. The popular software utilizes the phone’s position and information. You can directly pierce the battery chance, position as well other details of the phone by logging in to the software. By logging in to the software and browsing the dashboard, you can pierce all the settings


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