If you've lost your smartphone, you know how painful it is. I dealt with the repercussions and learned how to track the IMEI number on my phone.

If you’ve lost your smartphone, you know how painful it is. I dealt with the repercussions and learned how to track the IMEI number on my phone. Then, you start exploring everywhere and learn how to locate stolen phone tracking tools.

There are many ways to find stolen phones. Today, we’re focused on finding a lost Android phone. Continue reading even if you have an iPhone! You’ll turn the tide! 

IMEI Number: What Is It?

Since the IMEI number appears on the certificate for the smartphone you won, having a distinctive number makes it easier to locate your device when it is stolen or lost. The IMEI number tracker is also used by network suppliers to uniquely identify a mobile device on the network and broaden its options.

The IMEI number of the smartphone can be found at the back of the device, either on the back panel or under the battery. Additionally, you may track a phone using its SIM card online by utilizing the IMEI number and the IMEI number tracker. The long-running phone monitoring initiative was developed exclusively to stop mobile phone theft and the black market for stolen devices.

How can an IMEI number be found?

The placement of the IMEI number varies depending on the device. Use these straightforward methods to locate the IMEI number on iOS, Apple, Android, Windows, or basic phone types because it is specific to each device (boost mobile tracker).

The Google Pixel’s IMEI number may be found by

  • On the phone’s keypad, dial *#06#.
  • There is a sticker with specific IMEI numbers on the back of phones with removable batteries.

What is an IMEI Number used for?

The IMEI number’s primary function is to identify the mobile device. Their secondary goal is to put an end to theft. If the mobile device is widely known, a burglar cannot change the SIM card on the phone and expect to keep the machine. IMEI codes are hard-coded onto gadget hardware. A carrier will blocklist the IMEI code and lock a tool from the network if it becomes aware it has been stolen. Additionally, it will serve as a direction for other cellular networks that want to imitate it. Each nation has laws that specify how this is done, either through “blocklists” or “allowlists.” 

Remember that this generally happens after the carrier has given the phone. If you buy a phone online, that is not covered by your cell carrier’s plan, you might be on your own because your page might not have the legal right to blocklist the IMEI number.

If your mobile device is ever taken or lost, you can use its IMEI number to track it down (find my device with imei). 


Track IMEI offers the most recent information and aids in tracking American and Indian mobile phone numbers. Any phone number might be the subject of complaints through the name and observation sector. Mobile number location tracking is free and doesn’t often gather or keep personal data. 

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