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Find My iPhone may be a helpful feature found in iOS and macOS which will be wont to locate a lost device. However, there are times once you will want to understand the way to disable this feature. If you’re selling your iPhone remember- this service will still be linked to you. The new owner will have a difficult time deactivating it. Therefore, it’s crucial that you simply disable this service before handing your phone over to a replacement owner. 

Anyone who has access to your Apple ID could use that information and therefore the Find My iPhone app to locate your device (iPhone, iPad, or Mac) which can allow someone to trace you. If this is often of concern to you, you’ll want to think about disabling the Find My iPhone feature. (Turning off find my iPhone)

With that said, it’s important to think twice before turning off Find My iPhone, it is often a particularly helpful service to possess. If you’ve got this app-enabled on your device you’ll log onto any computer (Mac or PC), go onto, and simply see your device on a map. you’ll even have the power to remotely lock your device, wipe its contents or maybe send a message thereto.

The retail price for iPhones is rising per annum virtually without stopping in view. While it will sound like bad news for those on a budget, it’s still possible to seek out an inexpensive iPhone you’ll love without breaking the bank.

On Swappa you’ll save plenty of cash by learning a gently used iPhone at a fraction of what it might cost fresh. So don’t bother thereupon mortgage and hold onto those kidneys — Swappa helps you retain more of your money where it belongs: your pocket. (Find the iPhone)

While you’ll easily browse Swappa’s entire catalog of cheap iPhones, with numerous models you’ll not know where to start out. so as to assist you to discover the proper iPhone for you, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the simplest cheap

We all know that panicked feeling you get once you suddenly realize your telephone isn’t where you left it. You frantically pat your legs to see your pockets, and do a police-style raid of your home overturning furniture and demolishing drawers, with no sign of your device. So, you’ve officially lost your phone. Now what? Keep calm and skim on! We’ll share with you some tips and tricks to not only find your lost phone but also keep you from having to travel on a panic-stricken search(Find my phone).

How to Find a Lost Android Phone

Tech giant, Google, runs the foremost popular OS for mobile devices worldwide. As of 2017, Android was the OS of 81.7% of smartphones sold globally. Being the foremost popular OS ever, you’ll imagine how Android users feel once they lose their devices. Lucky for you, we’re here to ease those worries with a step by step guide to locating your lost device.

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