How to Track a Lost Phone with Google Account

How to Track a Lost Phone with Google Account (locate my) 


How to Track a Lost Phone with Google Account? This is the big question for the people another way you can follow your mobile phone or gadgets utilizing (locate my) Google is by getting to your Google account. It works comparatively as following in ‘Your Timeline’. Be that as it may, rather than giving you the gadgets impression after some time, the google record will possibly give you when was the last time your gadgets were associated with the web.

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For whatever length of time that your gadgets are signed in into your Google account, it will record the last time you sign in at whatever point there is a web association. It will show you the area, date and furthermore time data. Comparable to utilizing ‘Your Timeline’, it utilizes Wi-Fi and cell tower data in following your gadgets. Peruse our (locate my) past article on how cell towers can follow your telephone.

These data would demonstrate helpful in any event to know a gauge area of your lost gadgets. Follow the means here to follow your telephone utilizing your Google Account.

Stage 1 (locate my)

Open a program and sign into your Google Account

Stage 2

When you are in your record, pick ‘Gadget Activity and Notifications’

Stage 3

In the ‘Gadget Activity and Notifications’, you will see a rundown of gadgets associated with your Google account in ‘As of late utilized gadgets’. Tap on ‘Audit gadgets’

Stage 4

In the ‘Audit gadgets’, pick the gadget that you need to find. It will at that point show you the gadget’s last area, time and date recorded.

Thus, there you have it. The main 3 different ways to follow your telephone utilizing Google. It would be ideal if you leave a remark or visit our Youtube channel to buy in to our locale.