The International Mobile Equipment Identity, or track phone using imei, is a 15-digit serial code used to identify individual cell phones. The IMEI Number enables the phone’s “Find My Phone” feature to locate and reactivate lost or stolen phones.

If you believe your phone was duplicated for fraudulent purposes, you can use this number to report your device as lost or stolen so that the user locking feature will be enabled.

Speak with your network provider or carrier to find out if your phone is locked.

You can also check your device status here: (Canada).

You can also check your device status here: (USA).

You can also check your device status here: (India).

IMEI Number is a unique identifier assigned to mobile network operators and subscribers. It is used in conjunction with the ESN (electronic serial number) or IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity). IMEI was replaced by the E-UTRAN protocol, which has an equivalent called the TAC BSSID.

Google Search for most smartphone models just by entering “Find my IMEI” into the search bar at

IMEI is a unique number that is generated by phone manufacturers and assigned to every device at the time of manufacturing. This number can only be used once, because if system software or hardware are changed, the IMEI number must be changed as well. There is a small variation in worldwide Telco practices for generating and some countries may use different methods for assigning the IMEI, so regional or specific practices are not covered here .

In most cases, is a unique identification number assigned by the manufacturer of a mobile phone or other wireless device. This code allows service providers and others to identify that particular device. It also indicates the technology used by the handset – whether it uses CDMA, GSM, or AMPS; and it includes additional information such as when the device was manufactured and where it was purchased.

There is no single standard for IMEI numbers. Each wireless carrier can set its own standards for these numbers, and some carriers choose not to broadcast them Some handsets include reboot codes that allow you to remove the device’s IMEI number from your account.

The first 10 digits are typically referred to as the IMEI prefix (MOD or MCC + MNC + Type Approval Code + Serial Number), and it may be identified on your handset by entering *#06#.

It is a unique serial number permanently tied to one single phone. It is often used by carriers to block stolen mobile equipment if stolen. The IMEI number can be found or typed in on your phone under the *#06#.

It’s also going to help you that all the phones with these numbers usually have some form of security mechanism such as a security code (password) for remote access or an update that’s done automatically every month.

It has been used in the United States and Europe by criminal organizations to identify stolen mobile phones, and even new mobile phones, based on their serial number, so it is often used by thieves to sell stolen phones and other electronic devices online.

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