In 2011, roughly one out of three thieveries civil involved theft of a cell phone. Commonly, the thefts grew most fleetly in civic areas where cell phone viscosity is loftiest. In New York City, Mobile Device Protection in further than 40 percent of all thieveries, and in the District of Columbia, they were stolen in 38 percent of thieveries, according to a Federal Dispatches Commission (FCC) summary of the issues.

These small, precious and largely useful smartphones have handed a rich occasion for enterprising crooks to make plutocrat in two ways reselling the phones and stealing your information.(imei tracker)

As expensive as it’s to replace a smartphone, the topmost threat to utmost consumers is the enormous quantum of particular and fiscal data stored on theirdevices.However, watchwords, your accounts on dispatch and social networks, If culprits can pierce credit card and banking information.(check iphone serial number)

To combat this growing felonious epidemic, the FCC has joined forces with the wireless phone assiduity and law enforcement groups. Led by the FCC, the group is taking a three-rounded approach:

By the end of 2013, the FCC and carriers will produce a centralized public database designed to track stolen phones and disable them, making the phones unworkable. This move is allowed to break both the data collection from these phones for identity theft crimes, and remove their resale valuation.

By the end of this time, anticipate to see the big carriers — AT&T, Sprint Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile — institute a program that allows consumers to disable Mobile Device Protection as well as an education crusade on how you can ever lock your phones, cancel particular information and track your phone’s whereabouts.

The FCC, companies and law enforcement are also working with members of Congress to make it a civil crime to alter the unique identifiers in a phone that would allow culprits to circumvent the database action.(track imei number through google earth)

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