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Want to tune your phone or misplaced android phone? This educational site will display your steps to find my device android. You can use discover my tool at the Android tool to discover your tool remotely. It additionally enables you to hold your statistics secure if the tool is misplaced. Make a positive switch in the vicinity to apply and discover my tool. Three approaches to Google discover my phone in Android along with Web or application. You can remotely discover, lock, or erase all statistics in your Android phone. As part of security features, you can send a ring on the device, remotely lock the phone and erase all the data. To enable these features, an Android device must have an active Google account and Find My Device enabled.

The feature is auto-enabled in most Android devices. To check the status, go to Setting → Security → Find My Device.

 How to Find My Phone Google Pixel, Pixel 2, Pixel three XL, Pixel 3a

You can discover Android misplaced phone use under given protection settings.

1st Method: find my device android

Step 1: Swipe down the notification panel two times from the pinnacle of the screen.

Step 2: Tap the Settings equipment icon.

Step 3: Tap Security.

Step 4: Tap Find my tool below a protection status.

Step 5: Tap Google.

Step 6: Tap Sign in to get your android phone`s vicinity.

Step 7: You can see your tool call and its modern-day vicinity.

Step 8: Tap Secure tool.

Step 9: Now upload healing message and call range and faucet Secure tool.

2d Method: Use Google Find My phone and to Find My Lost Phone.

First of all install Google discover my tool app on your android phone or pill devices.

Step 1: Open Google and discover my tool app.

Step 2: Log in together along with your Google account

Step 3: Select your tool from the list.

It will be used to discover a misplaced phone or tune my phone to Google.

third Method: Find my misplaced phone with Google on PC

Step 1: Open in your laptop or laptop.

Step 2: Sign in together along with your Gmail account.

Step 3: Select your phone and spot stay vicinity if the enabled vicinity on your tool.

Misplaced your phone?  Go to your computer, open google, and type “google account tracker“.

If your google account is connected, it will show you where your phone is located in the area, and allow them to turn the ringer on.

And that’s it. We hope this clears the way for me to discover my google imei tracker. Do you have some other pointers you need to share? Have you been making use of them already? Share with us.

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