Increased usage of mobile devices has increased theft and loss of the device. The owner has to decide on the network service supplier and inform them of the situation. The service provider can block the phone on their network, notify other network providers, and track your cellphone through the best iphone tracker.

What’s IMEI Number?

IMEI number is the number which is the certificate of the smartphone you won; thus, a unique number helps track your device when lost or misplaced. best iphone tracker. is employed by the network suppliers to uniquely identify a mobile on the network and extend its services.

 An IMEI number of the smartphone is found at the back of the device, either underneath the battery or on the device’s back panel. In addition, the IMEI number is often used to track a phone through the SIM card, which can be done online through the IMEI tracker.

The phone tracking project has been in development for a while, and it was shaped with the only intention of reducing theft and the counterfeit mobile phone business. The government of India has allotted Rs 15 crore to this project with hopes of a solid outcome.

 How to search for an IMEI number?

The IMEI number is in different places depending on the device. For iOS, Apple, Android, Windows, or basic phone devices, follow these easy steps to search out your unique IMEI number. 

  • For a Google Pixel, dial *#06# on your phone’s keyboard to urge the IMEI number. 
  • For phones with a removable battery, some IMEI numbers are listed on a sticker beneath the battery on the rear of the phone.

What’s the aim of an IMEI Number? 

The main aim of the IMEI number is to identify the mobile set. Their secondary purpose is to forestall theft. If a mobile device is universally identified, a thief cannot modify the SIM card on the phone and expect to stay. IMEI numbers are hard-coded into device hardware. 

When a carrier knows a tool has been stolen, it will blocklist the IMEI code and lock it out of the network. It will also tell other cellular networks to try to do the same. Each country has its policy for a way this works, either employing a blocklist or an “allowlist”.

Note that this primarily happens once the carrier is the one that issued the phone. If you get a phone online, that’s not attached to your mobile carrier’s plan, you may get on your own as your carrier might not have the legal green light to blocklist the IMEI number.

You can track your IMEI number to recover your cell phone after being stolen or lost under any circumstances. 

How will the IMEI tracker help if your phone is lost? 

If your phone was stolen and the thief turned it off or did it a factory reset, your best shot at finding your lost phone is through its IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. You’ll want the help of your network operator and the law enforcement agencies to get this done. 

You can also track your IMEI number through a lost and stolen phone database. 

  • Open the the Trackimei site on your android or iPhone device.
  • You can find the IMEI number of your lost or stolen phone within the given box. 
  • Solve the captcha code for verification. 
  • Once you complete the verification, tap on the track button. 
  • Next, you will see the live location of your lost or stolen phone on Google Maps.


In this digital world, smartphones have become the main part of our life. All the tasks, therefore, how to rely on it. Missing, losing, or misplacing the phone will become the foremost dreadful thing so the IMEI tracker will help you out of these dreadful situations.

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