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If you’ve lost your phone it’s not necessarily gone forever. But don’t wait until you lose your phone to prepare: you’ll have to configure it now to enable you to seek out a lost Android, iPhone or Windows Phone. If you’ve lost your phone help might be at hand in tracking it down. But note that the solutions offered during this tutorial would require your phone to be switched on so as to offer you an accurate idea of its location, and to access options to remotely lock or wipe it. If your battery runs out or your phone is stolen and transitioned , you’ll be out of luck.

Below we’ll consider the choices built into each major mobile OS to elucidate the way to track your lost or stolen phone. for every of those you’ll have to be signed into either your Google, Apple or Windows account on the phone before you start . (Find My Phone Android)

Follow some steps to Locate your Phone 

According to a study by promotional, the typical Brit spends almost ten minutes every week trying to find their mobile phones. Using the facility of multiplication, we will see that adds up to eight hours a year and three weeks over the course of your life (assuming you’re born and die with a mobile , and some time spent searching doesn’t change over your lifetime.. which mobile phones are still a thing decades within the future).

Avantree PowerHouse Desk USB Charging StationRegardless, it’s still a stimulating statistic. The foremost common tactic to losing your phone is to call it from another, which 57% of respondents said that they might do immediately, while 35% would search a minimum of five minutes before resorting to the tactic. If you’re having trouble finding your mobile , it’d be helpful to possess a delegated place to deposit it. for instance , you would possibly devour an Avantree Powerhouse charging station, which may charge devices for the entire family and makes it much easier to recollect where you left your phone. (Locate My Phone)

Check find your device by google

Losing smartphones is such a simple thing to try to do . It must have happened to tons of you and that i skills helpless it can feel. there’s hardly anything you’ll do than to dam your SIM, lodge an FIR and mourn over your lost phone. But if you’re an Android user, Google offers a ray of hope if you happen to lose your phone (Apple also has its own system in sit to recover an iPhone). There’s a service referred to as ‘Google Find My Device’ that pin-points the precise location of your device. It also gives you various controls to assist you recover your Android smartphone.(Imei tracker)

When Navin Kabra, a Pune-based entrepreneur lost his phone recently, he made use of those same tools and recovered it albeit it had traveled 16km far away from him. He wrote an in depth post on Facebook explaining his ordeal that fortunately ended on a cheerful note, all because of Google’s Find my Device. After Navin realized he had lost his phone, he immediately started tracking its location on his computer. But there are some prerequisites before you’ll make use of this feature. In his own words, “I had location services turned on, I’m permanently logged into Google from my phone, and therefore the Find My Device service is enabled. (Find My Device Google)

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