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The time when we realized your phone is not with us, and you start searching for it frantically. At that moment your brain starts thinking about every possible scenario. Did you lose it, or did it get misplaced, and even worst did it get stolen? But stop there, you can still search mobile by IMEI number.

We can’t afford for our phones to get stolen or misplaced. There will be a constant fear within us of someone misusing, your important documents, bank details, and personal data. 

Even there are moments in life when you are not able to reach your close ones. That moment can be panicking thinking about their safety .

So, to get read of all these scenarios the only simple task you need to do is have their or you one IMEI number.

What is the IMEI number?

IMEI which means International Mobile Equipment Identity a unique 15-digit number code for every mobile find my device with imei.

You can see and compare this number with your Aadhar number which every Indian citizen has their own. This number can’t be changed and needs to keep noted by you. As it plays a crucial role in tracking down your phone when required.

The next question arises where you can look or search the IMEI number of your phone.

How to search for the IMEI number of your phone?

It’s pretty easy to find this number for example.

  • It’s present in your mobile box or the purchase receipt.
  • It’s mostly present in the back of your phone battery.
  • You can even search IMEI number by dialling “*#060#” on your dialling pad and the number will get displayed on the screen.
  • For an android, you can go to the setting then About phone and finally status, and there you will find the IMEI number.
  • To search iPhone IMEI number go to settings then About then phone and finally status there is your IMEI number.

How to use an IMEI number to track your phone.

You can this useful number to track your phone in different ways.

First, you can use online tracking platforms.

In this, you search “IMEI tracker online” in Google then, open the reliable shown links. You will be asked to put the unique IMEI code of the phone you are searching for and even sometimes the country the phone is registered under .

You will get to know the precise location of your phone with their status whether it’s stolen or misplaced. It’s completely free of cost and accessible, pretty easy to use and understand.

Then, there are mobile tracking apps, in this, you need to make the required setups that will track your location and further helps you locate your phone when it gets misplaced 

What are the benefits of noting the IMEI number of your phone?

  • You can block your phone making it unable to use by anyone till you find it.
  • This helps you locate your phone without GPS, Bluetooth, and internet connection.
  • When you find your phone back you can unblock your IMEI number making your phone useable again.
  • IMEI number of every phone is a unique code so it’s easy to track.
  • You can locate your phone position easily through online IMEI tracker.

 After all this reading and discussion it’s right to be smart by noting down the IMEI number of our phones. We learned how to search the IMEI number of our phones which will prevent us from the future troubles of losing our phones or getting worked up about misuse of our confidential data. 

Now we know how to search mobile by IMEI number without panicking or wasting time and taking the correct action required.


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