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STEP 1 When And Where You Lost Your Gadgets?
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Track IMEI charges some of amount from users to offer additinal benefits which doesn't in any manner guarantee to locate and find users device. Track IMEI works as an intermediate between two entities User 1 Who has lost his device and want to track down the device and User 2 Who either has found a Mobile/Device or a shop owner who sale and purchase used devices (mobile phones ..etc), if User 2 has found any mobile/device and comes to our website to check whether the handset (Device) is a stolen/lost or not. User 2 would have the option to check the details of user 1 with his/her mobile no. and email id if user 1 will be paid member else user 2 can see only the user 1 details except contact details lost status , if user 2 wants to return the device then he/she report on the site.
The Site Admin would immediate send Email to contact the User 1 whose mobile phone is lost and verify his authenticity and would return his device.
Whereas a free member can only list his details of lost device but paid memeber details will be visible on our website with their Email id and phone no.

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