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IMEI is an acronym for “International Mobile Equipment Identity” and IMEISV is the short form for “International Mobile Equipment Identity with software version”.This is a unique global identification of your mobile phone. IMEI is similar to human fingerprints – Unique! No two IMEIs can be same, ever. To find the IMEI number written of your mobile phone you need to look into the box pack that contained your mobile phone at the time of purchase or you may also look under the battery of your mobile phone. You can also dial *#06# from your phone. This code works on most mobile phones. On the old SONY or SONY ERICSSON press the keypad to enter *Right * Left Left * Left* to find out its IMEI number.

If anyone loses his/her mobile phone, no doubt it is a sad affair. Not only that cost or the value of the mobile phone matters, there are many other hassles that come along.One loses important contacts information, lots of media stored in the memory of the phone, besides the fear of the misuse of the phone. Besides, the loss of PRIVACY and Identity theft are the most critical dangers that loom large on the head of the poor loser. For registering a complaint for the loss or the theft, a lot of time and energy being wasted is another big disadvantage. Yet, inevitable!

There are few easy steps that can make your life somewhat easier. Let’s have a quick look at them.

IMEI number can help tracking your lost mobile through:

#1. Your telecom operator:

Your good old friendly telecom operator service can track the location of your lost mobile through the IMEI number as soon as it gets connected to a telecom network. That easy! However, the bad news are that telecom operators won’t budge without a valid permission from the police authorities and worse, most telecom operators do not co-operate as for the astonishing numbers of such requests coming to them regularly. In thousands every day!

#2.Pre-installed IMEI number trackers applications:

The software application(s) installed on your lost mobile phone can help in tracking it. The same application pre-installed on any other mobile phone can retrieve the information about your lost mobile phone by inputting the IMEI number therein. However, the thieves are no less a smart set. A simple formatting of your phone can make it invisible – forever!

#3. Lost & Found and Stolen phones database:

This is last ray of hope for you now. This database is accessed by the general public, the rightful owners, the manufacturers, the sellers, the law keepers &enforcement, and the insurance agencies alike. Based on your information if any such mobile is tracked, the locator with the information updates the rightful owner. This process may take a long time and does not guarantee success.

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  1. Gajanand kahar says:

    Bhaiya mera mera mobile j2 6 2016 gum ho gaya hai yaar bhaiya main bahut garib aadmi hu pahili bar hi liya tha mobile to vo gum ho gaya bhaiya aap se nivedan hai Mobile track kar ke batana baiya

  2. prasanth says:

    my redmi note 4 has been lost my imei no. is 864850034764061 please trace it. it has many important files

  3. saurabh says:

    samsung j700F/DD has stolen by someone which imei no is 356273071174943,
    please trace it and inform me via mail. my id is smsmarty02@gmail.com

  4. Nitin Talmale says:

    My One Plus 5 Mobile phone has been lost IMEI:866265031977335

  5. rajkumar says:

    My Asus Mobile IMEI 353383076028383 pls trace my mobile is missing

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